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Stream video to Xbox 360 with TVersity

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 25 Mar 2007 12:58 User comments (4)

Stream video to Xbox 360 with TVersity We have added another guide to our guide section today for streaming video to Xbox 360 without having to encode to WMV yourself and without needing a Windows Media Center PC. This is achieved using TVersity, which can stream to multiple devices over a wired or wireless network. In the guide a wireless network is used as an example.
TVersity transcodes to WMV on-the-fly and streams it to the Xbox 360, so needless to say a fast PC is ideal.

Stream video to Xbox 360 with TVersity:

If you find any errors whether they are with spelling or anything else, or if you have any criticisms or suggestions or anything, don't hesitate to send me a Private Message (you need to be logged in). User feedback has helped us so many times in the past to get stuff "just right".


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4 user comments

126.3.2007 0:52

I tried to install this, but Norton blocks it saying it has VirusBurst.

226.3.2007 1:44

most definitely ma false positive, I have AVG and it doesn't bring up anything like that and TVerisyt is quite popular, we'd know by now if there was something like that wrong ;-)

34.4.2007 22:39

Okay we have multiple computers at my house and 2 xboxes. when i try to click tversity on BRADY it goes to another screen and automatically every time connects to tversity on Matt. if i shut his tversity off then i can connect to mine. i cant connect to only my IP because my tversity then gives and error. do you know what i can do?

421.4.2009 8:40

just wondering if anyone knows if when streaming video through an xbox 360, if you can get cover art to diplay when searhing through your video list??

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