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PlayStation 3 causes retail boost in Australia

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Apr 2007 5:30 User comments (4)

PlayStation 3 causes retail boost in Australia In figures released yesterday by Sony, it is revealed that during the first ten days of sales in Australia, over 27,000 consoles were sold. Playstation 3 games also dominated the charts, where 9 out of the top 10 titles were PS3 games. The only non-PS3 game? Final Fantasy XII for the PlayStation 2.
The launch of the PS3 helped cause a significant spike in video game sales for the entire Australian market. "Our data revealed that in a matter of just ten days the PlayStation 3 created a spike in retail spending not previously witnessed at the launch of any other console in Australia," commented GfK's (a data tracker) Daniel Morse.

"This spending continued into the second week of trading, resulting in sales of 27,083 PlayStation 3 consoles in just ten days."

Sony Australia managing director Michael Ephraim added, "Following a great launch for the PS3 across the country, its very satisfying for us to see that our close planning with retail and channel partners has ensured that all consumers wanting to get their hands on a PS3."

The PlayStation 2 continued to sell well also, with almost 8000 PlayStation 2 consoles sold in the 8-day period of March 19th to the 26th.


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4 user comments

15.4.2007 7:20

UK now Aus good to hear this....PS3 has finally seen a full launch.Looking forward to HOME & some of the killer titles coming real soon.

25.4.2007 11:55

Originally posted by NexGen76:
UK now Aus good to hear this....PS3 has finally seen a full launch.Looking forward to HOME & some of the killer titles coming real soon.
I agree. I just hope it keeps selling and becomes more popular because many are going to be disappointed when they realize that the PS3 is the best >:)

35.4.2007 15:35

im glad that the PS3 did good in Europe and Australia, i really like Sony games, but.....did it start to sell in the middle east?

45.4.2007 18:46

i guess it was the most waited console in this generation, the only disappointing thing still the price tag, got the first ones... was just great put my hands on it after waiting 2 days and 2 night in line. Got to have these experience in live, I almost don't play it, cause is no really good games out yet... for now 360 is ruling in my opinion, and off course PS2 games still up there take a look at God of War2 in Progressive, just one of but i just got Wii today... never was impressed, and still the same... will see. Can't wait to see next wave of PS3 games. And i think this is the time show how to make games... cause the third party wont do better games for PS3 over the 360 who right now has a wider fan base, all 3rd party will be just a copies of 360, witch hold the PS3 horse power... Go Sony show how is done!!!

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