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MPAA and RIAA also back US decision to file piracy case against China

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 10 Apr 2007 10:01 User comments (14)

MPAA and RIAA also back US decision to file piracy case against China The MPAA and RIAA have often blamed China as one of the main avenues of media piracy of US entertainment. The MPAA has gone so far as to say that the film industry loses 2.3 million in revenue every year due to piracy.
For years the two groups as well as other members of the entertainment industry have been trying to get the Chinese government to take a tougher stance against US media piracy.

However, China has made steps to cut down on piracy but the main problem remains. There are many import restrictions placed on American goods such as movies, books and music and these restrictions lead to a higher demand for piracy in China as they have no alternative to getting the media they desire.

Still, with the decision to file a complaint with the WTO, a trade representative addressed a few of America's complaints and addressed the import issue.

"Piracy and counterfeiting levels in China remain unacceptably high,”
U.S. Trade Representative Susan C. Schwabb said. “Inadequate protection of intellectual property rights in China costs U.S. firms and workers billions of dollars each year, and in the case of many products, it also poses a serious risk of harm to consumers in China, the United States and around the world..."

Representative Schwabb continued, "In the same vein, we have discussed with China in detail the harm to U.S. industries, authors and artists who produce books, journals, movies, videos, and music caused by limiting the importation of these products to Chinese state-owned entities, and the problems caused by Chinese laws that hobble the distribution of foreign home entertainment products and publications within China. These products are favorite targets for IPR pirates, and the legal obstacles standing between these legitimate products and the consumers in China give IPR pirates the upper hand in the Chinese market.”

Of course, the MPAA and RIAA welcomed and backed the government's decsion.

" is long past time for China to come to grips with the fact that limitations on the access of American content companies to the Chinese market has not had any practical result other than effectively providing exclusive distribution channels for illegal music distributors rather than legitimate companies,"
the Chairman and CEO of the RIAA said.

"China's inaction is enormously costly to musicians, songwriters and record labels across the world. The irony is that China's failed piracy and market access strategies hurt Chinese creators most. We hope that today's announcement will trigger an immediate reform of Chinese policy and practices."

Dan Glickman, the head of the MPAA continued:

"This is a welcome and logical next step in efforts to spur progress in China. Fair market access and respect for the intellectual property of other countries are basic conditions of membership in the global community which China committed to live by when it sought acceptance into the WTO. This action is fair, timely and appropriate.

"I am optimistic about the potential for a favorable resolution, and the resulting benefits for the U.S. motion picture industry. The Chinese people - like people the world over - love American movies."

The MPAA and RIAA should try to get a fraction of the Chinese market by offering lower priced legitamite DVDs and helpeing to get some of the import restrictions lifted.


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14 user comments

110.4.2007 13:09

MPAA and RIAA also back US decision to file piracy case against China s**t sherlock...??

210.4.2007 13:26

As much as they would like to think that "progress is happening in the China piracy conflict" ; there will not be any. And I can guarantee you of this. I mean, come can already predict exactly what's going to happen; --there'll probably be a few stupid lawsuits from the RI/MPAA because someone's dead grandmother supposedly pirated such and such movie off the internet 3 weeks before it came out. And then, the us will decide to "pull out the troops" and eventually China will take no time at all in going back to their piracy ways.

The bottom line is like I've said MANY times before; for those that want to pirate movies--they'll keep doing it; they won't just stop because a few rich retards tell them to. But those that aren't as "hardcore" I guess you could say will agree and realize what they're doing is "wrong." [I don't think piracy is wrong; I think it's great because it allows the consumer do 'try before he buys.']

But; these fu**ed up organizations and OUR VERY OWN FU**ED up gov't don't want to realize that you just can't stop piracy no matter how hard they try; no matter how 'strong' of a copy protection--I mean; come on; there's no possible way to make a DRM mechanism "irreversible"---with how much smarter the average human gets every day; [a.k.a those that deserve to exist on] I don't see how they'll be able to keep this up. Eventually, one way or another, these big corporations will be begging on their knees in the end to the consumer because they'll have finally pulled their heads outta their asses and realized WE, THE CONSUMERS are the people that make them money in the first place.

Where There's A Will, There's A Way.
==my 2 cents

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310.4.2007 14:17

Originally posted by zincy:
MPAA and RIAA also back US decision to file piracy case against China s**t sherlock...??
im sure you read the whole article and not just the title right genius?

410.4.2007 17:37

It is not cut & dried yet.

Read this

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510.4.2007 22:18

lol the RIAA can't stop like 300 million people in their own country from pirating, so how will they stop 1 billion people in a foreign country that doesn't care?

610.4.2007 23:39

@ DVDBack23:

The MPAA has gone so far as to say that the film industry loses 2.3 million in revenue every year due to piracy
did you mean BILLION?

I mean 2.3 million sounds aweful paltry for the MPAA piracy figures for a year... not that I'd believe it was even that much but with the rhetoric that these guys spew forth I would have expected a larger number...

it also poses a serious risk of harm to consumers in China
yeah all those pirated CDs and DVDs might blow up when inserted into their players...or does piracy now cause cancer due to second hand copied crap not worth buying in the first place? LOL

711.4.2007 0:17

the media mafia has only lost a 10th of its "profit" from the innovation pricary brings,since they make a 5+X profit off sales its hard to tell what the real damage is and with them going out of their way to stifle innovation across the board because they can not get the same level of "profit" they are causing more damage to them selfs for not boning up and gettign with the times.

I am sorry but untill the media mafia realizes I want a dvd to auto play when I put it in and the ads and crap are optional I'll be ripping DVDs,copying audio and backing up games till the black boots enforce the the whims of the media mafia world wide.

811.4.2007 2:14

Isn't it nice that China puts trade restrictions on U.S. made products. But here we have this free trade agreement were we let them swamp our markets with low quality communist slave made goods. This just continues to erode our quality of life as our employers to compete, have to cut things like wages and health insurance. Our governments interest is in who ever feeds them large amounts of money for re-elections in this case the movie and record companies. No more is our government "for the people, by the people" It should be now "For special interest groups, by special interest groups". Back to point..I am sure the RIAA and MPAA are gonna share any money received with the artists that produced the pirated materials (NOT). Next point: If China would pay their workers a decent wage maybe they wouldn't have such a black market on goods.they could also allow free trade with the west instead of restricting it.. The company I work for is sending a big part of their operations to China too. Why pay Americans $10+ dollars an hour when you can pay Chinese workers 5 dollars a day. Way to go U.S goverment..and the guy who signed NAFTA....Sorry for getting political..(My Bad)

911.4.2007 2:27

trouble is "we" and the rest of the world made china and since we are hooked on cheap crap they will always most of the cards and cheat to.

1011.4.2007 7:29

Don't kid yourself, there's no such thing as a genuinely 'free market', anywhere......those kinds of fairy tales are something folks really should be growing out of by now.

All but the most primitive (usually war-torn) 'markets' exert some sort of control(s) as regular & repeated disputes at the WTO (World Trade Organisation) between various countries (including all the so-called 'free' western markets) shows very well.

....and the USA's biggest deal globally is in being the currency of international trade despite some 'economic fundamentals' that don't really support such a role.

If you have a real beef about China go talk to the US businesses and individuals and all the rest of the other non-Chinese people who invested the multi $ billions that set up these huge high tech companies (some are like small/medium sized towns) so they could 'out-source' and 'flood' our markets.

As for the MPAA & RIAA?

Could their name/image get any worse?

As someone said they can't even 'control' their home consumers what kind of idiot thought trying to exercise control over such foreign markets was worth the time & money?

.....and I just wonder how their shareholders feel about such insanity?

1111.4.2007 15:41

but but but the free market is where the corporations make it!!!

oh much for the "free" part....

1211.4.2007 16:23

If you can see it, and if you can hear it, it will be copied. With all the other social/political ills going on the world, I see this as nothing but superfluous green-grabbing. Most of the ip's that the mpaa/riaa defend, aren't worth defending anyway. China is a beautiful country, filled with beautiful people, i think all of china's goods benefit the global economy as a whole, pirated or not. People need to make money as much as they do, let them have their own little slice of the pie.

1311.4.2007 16:33


China is a interesting country their goverment and the US share allot of simlaurties when they have a bit of power they use it thusly and sometimes use it poorly,China is a bit more open about its needs and what it is to its citizens the US a bit less so.

China has enough balls to protect itself from the world and the US is to busy draining itself for the richer citizens of the world and losses allot of its foresight about what it is that needs protecting.

1411.4.2007 22:42

Originally posted by zincy:
MPAA and RIAA also back US decision to file piracy case against China s**t sherlock...??
im sure you read the whole article and not just the title right genius?
nods...titles are there to attract people to read the article..
are you saying that you title is misleading and is not really meant what it says?

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