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Lorne Michaels wants more SNL clips on YouTube

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 15 Apr 2007 8:22 User comments (5)

Lorne Michaels wants more SNL clips on YouTube Lorne Michaels, the creater and producer of Saturday Night Live cant seem to understand NBC's position on YouTube.
The SNL clip "Lazy Sunday" is often credited with bringing YouTube to new heights of popularity, yet NBC's lawyers continually shoot down the benefits of having SNL clips on YouTube and therefore clips are hard to find, at least for prolonged periods of time.
Michaels however, wishes NBC would put more clips on YouTube: "YouTube has been great for us...I think it's simple for me. If the work is good, I want the most number of people to see it -- period. Anything that leads to that would be my objective."

Michael's decision makes sense considering the wild popularity of YouTube and the huge amount of views a few SNL clips have gathered, but until NBC decides to change their business model, Micheals will not get his wish.


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5 user comments

115.4.2007 12:22

I hope NBC changes their mind! SNL is the best!

215.4.2007 13:51

Originally posted by vinny13:
I hope NBC changes their mind! SNL is the best!

I hope so, too.

316.4.2007 20:26

They should see Youtube as a friend not a foe. If anything this will increase the fan base of SNL.

419.4.2007 11:17

nbc fired that asshole imus... they seem to have management with a clue... so I look for nbc to allow snl eps. It makes sense. you can't stop audi/video prolifigation, you just cant stop it. So I expect nbc and major networks and cable co's to just relax on copyright infringement. If you can see alternate broadcast videos- you might just want the original feed. it's teh ultimate commercial really. If you cant stop it- brand it. Put station and label logos on teh project.. and promote it- use this medium to promote the original product.

521.4.2007 8:58

I do not get it.
Once something is played on free TV isn't it now free?
All these companies with their "intellectual property"
Don't get me wrong selling someone else's works is Immoral and Illegal
But once it plays for free where is the value?
You Tube does not charge me to view it?
I think the suits should get a clue
No such thing as bad press

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