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Lucky and Flo move onto the Philippines

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 17 Apr 2007 10:06 User comments (9)

Lucky and Flo move onto the Philippines After having bounties placed on thier heads by Malaysian crime bosses last month and subsequently going into hiding, the MPAA's polycarbonate sniffing dogs, Lucky and Flo, have ended their run in Malaysia and have moved north, to the Philippines.
They dogs began their raid in broad daylight at the Makati Cinema Square Mall in the Manila capital. Owners of stalls in the mall were said to be in a frenzy stashing their pirated DVDs or even locking up their stores behind steel shutters.

According to the sources, the dogs sniffed out over 300,000 pirated discs in the first hour alone.

Neil Gane, the MPAA's international senior director of operations, stated that "Lucky and Flo will be here for a considerable amount of time and we will be going all over Manila, and we are also contemplating going all over the Philippines."

"As you can see, the dogs have been very, very effective."

After the dogs helped seize millions of dollars of pirated discs in Malaysia and the bounties were placed on their heads, the dogs went into a protection program of sorts before they were recently moved to the Philippines.

However, in a shocking turn of events, Malaysian pirates, in an effort to make back the money they lost due to the dogs, have increased their porn productions and many of the new discs include child pornography.

"The pirates make more money selling pornographic discs,"
said Fahmi Kassim, chief enforcement officer at Johor's domestic trade ministry.

"What is disturbing is this growing proof that the piracy syndicates are working with the pornographic industry, especially when the seized items now include child pornography,"
stated Mr. Gane.

Although you cant directly blame the MPAA for creating an increase in Malaysian child pornogrpahy, one could now argue so.


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9 user comments

117.4.2007 10:30

"Although you cant directly blame the MPAA for creating an increase in Malaysian child pornogrpahy, one could now argue so."

Yeah you can of they hadnt bother them not of this crap would have happened.

217.4.2007 10:52

death threats to dogs. THATS AWESOME! stupid mutts.

317.4.2007 10:53

yes they may argue that they didn't, but it's obvious that it's their fault, they "act" on legal grounds, but they must certainly know that anything they do will have a reaction, and if you take away the merchandise with which they feed themselves, of course they will look for a faster way of making money, and what better than child pornography, there are way too many people who say that child pornography is wrong but will help themselves into it when they get a chance, i like to call that kind of people hipocrits, most of them are in government or any of those positions of the sort, they run their mouths too much and never act. so in short, yes it's their fault, but it's also their job, so maebe they should isntead of looking for ways of stop piracy try to stop the need for piracy, how many millions do they spend on things like these when too many people all over the world are underpayed.

417.4.2007 14:04

How dumb can people be? Its costing pirates MILLIONS because of these mutts. Well, if they keep saying where they are going sooner or later the dogs are gonna get killed by a group hired by the pirates.

518.4.2007 6:24

that is so right, i'd like to see them go to Mexico, there's a place in mexico city called "tepito" where you can find just about anything illegal, specially pirated movies, but they are too agressive there, the police had to go in with hundreds of cops just to be able to do anything, i wonder if the dogs would survive?

618.4.2007 15:08

What to me is amazing is how the dogs can smell out the discs as far as i know discs do not smell.

To make up there losses they are putting porn out there. Its amazing to make a quick buck we go back to the oldest profession in the world. Well done. :P

719.4.2007 10:23

Anyone in Malaysia have any bags of recalled dog food? Hehehe.

819.4.2007 12:38

what is even more stupefying is that the pedophiles and their video salesmen will receive a smaller sentence than any of those selling pirated movies and music. This should make the MPAA and the RIAA proud.......

920.4.2007 0:42

The Studios are desperate, so what are they going to collect in fines there in Manila, Malaysia, Or Indonesia...$15.00. Feeding the dogs cost more then the fine. No money there. As for the dogs sniffing out the plastics, ammonia or bleach around the DVD 's and the dogs will run. If you want them dead....all you need is a piece of meat with anti freeze and the dogs are done. I've been all over Asia...nothing the piracy patrols can do will ever stop piracy. The technology is mainstream. Locks are for honest people.

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