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European Parliament passes IPRED2

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 27 Apr 2007 19:45 User comments (4)

European Parliament passes IPRED2 The European Parliament has voted to pass the Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive (IPRED2), designed to criminalize people for intellectual property breaches. Many opposed to the legislation say that it is dangerously unclear and that it has passed almost unchanged. However, the bill has at least been narrowed to exclude P2P file sharers, according to Italian MEP, Umberto Guidoni.
"Unfortunately, we were not successful in rejecting this directive, but at least we managed to secure some limitations that protect the private not for profit use of P2P and file sharing." Guidoni said. The directive now passes to the Council of the European Union, where ministers from member states will consider how to apply the directive in each state.

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) spokesman Danny O'Brien said that the directive has passed without many amendments opponents requested and leaves consumers at risk for heavy criminal penalties. "We'd be satisfied if the scope of the directive stuck to the examples that the commission give as to its effect, which is copyright piracy and trademark counterfeiting (which is the definition for criminal sanctions in TRIPS)," he said.

He continued: "Anything more than that isn't harmonizing, it's ratcheting up and broadening the scope of what is classed as criminal acts in the EU." Guidoni claims that the directive lacks economic and social analysis and the basic requirements of criminal law: clear definitions of scope and crime and confuses piracy and commercial infringements. This leaves the possibility that major parts of European industry and "ordinary people" can be treated as criminals.

A serious IP crime could result in a maximum sentence of at least four years in prison and a 300,000 fine, though a "serious" offense would be those involving organized crime or posing a risk to health or security. A 100,000 is proposed for other offenders.

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4 user comments

127.4.2007 20:00

Ooooooooo so how long till the polis are forced to drop it or change it to add p2p?

227.4.2007 20:10

This will take its time to get implemented drastically.

328.4.2007 1:41

America is forcing laws all around the world as it needs this money from record and especially movie sales which is why it was going to force Russia to take action over for selling legal music for cut price around the globe instead of having a regional pricing strategy forced upon them by the American government or RIAA which ever you prefer, or their entry to the WTO would have been blocked by the usa and sanctions were also threatened, but not over apparent weapons of mass destruction or political genocide like in Rwanda(america pulled out troops stating that there was no proof that genocide was happening when over 1,000,000 Tutsis were killed), Darfur, Yugoslavia, Sudan, and now America has threatened China with the wto but why maybe if they are just making a smoke screen as china are killing the American economy by now overtaking them in exports pushing the dollar down even further and china are also trying to trade for oil in euros which will put America back into a huge depression, so maybe The new cases are the latest move against China by the Bush administration, which is trying to deal with America's rising political anger over its soaring trade deficit that set a record for the fifth consecutive year in 2006 at US$765.3 billion. The US imbalance with China grew to US$232.5 billion, the highest ever with a single country.



Afghanistan + Oil = "Crusade against Terrorism"

Afghanistan could be more important to America's oil supply than even Saudi Arabia. In 1997 BBC News reported that the American Oil company UNOCAL tried to construct a pipeline from The Caspian Sea.

The Caspian Sea is a California-size body of salt water -- the world's largest landlocked body of water -- that may sit on as much as 200 billion barrels of oil, which would be 16 percent of the Earth's potential oil reserves. Even at today's low prices, that could add up to $3 trillion in oil. (compared to Saudi's 250 billion barrels of oil and America's own 22 billion barrels - New York Times.)

The pipeline was to run from Turkmenistan via Afghanistan to the Port of Karachi. However the Taleban refused. Until now America has not been successful in persuading the Taleban to change its mind.

It now seems as though America is using the pretext of WTC attacks in order to fulfill its economic aims. ~ Muhammad Abdulrahman

and of course overthrowing iraq was about WMB's and the ruthless dictator who was NOT committing genocide, WAS able to keep the peace between the tribes.

America force their greed all over the world and will face a huge backlash and the RIAA MPAA is just another example of this, falling profits from sales must be the pirates right? WRONG constant rubbish content = falling sales and if it doesn't sell how we going to get the money from them i know lets sue the world!

45.5.2007 14:50

I was going to post a long reply and then erased it. Pigfister isn't worth it...

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