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YouTube tries revenue sharing with select uploaders

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 May 2007 11:14 User comments (4)

YouTube tries revenue sharing with select uploaders YouTube has announced that they will extend their revenue sharing partnership beyond big commercial content firms such as NBC, to regular uploaders.
Many popular uploaders, such as the guys behind the "Ask a Ninja" series, have long asked for a revenue sharing and it seems YouTube has finally taken action.

The first uploader added to the partnership is the essayist LisaNova the "creative mastermind behind Don't Be A Douche Bag, a treatise on modern rage."

YouTube has said that only a "select" few will enjoy the partnership for now and that anyone who feels they should get paid can register an interest with the company. There is however, no idea how much the sharing will be, and when the company will start paying.

YouTube says you have to have "built and maintained an audience" to be considered.


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4 user comments

15.5.2007 13:41

William Sledd of "Ask a Gay Man" should get paid. He has 50,920 subscribers.

25.5.2007 14:05

This sounds like a good idea.

36.5.2007 20:13

I wonder if YouTube even has a business plan.

Exec 1: "Um so we're losing a s---load of money every month, how can we make more"
Exec 2: "How about we share some revenue with users"
Exec 1: "Um so how will that help our revenues"
Exec 2: "Who cares, Google owns us now!"
Exec 1: "Um so ok then lets proceed"

Prepare for Internet Bubble Burst 2.0!

47.5.2007 11:25

internet bubble burst 2.0 is comming, but not for a few years and itll be softer, although some majors will tank.

im going to switch to and everyone else should, we realy need to get everyone usuing revver as possible. youtube doesnt look like they are as interested in profit sharing as they tried to sound a few months ago.

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