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Belkin ships Nano cases that will help fight cancer

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 07 May 2007 13:17 User comments (7)

Belkin ships Nano cases that will help fight cancer Belkin International has unveiled a new pink Sport Armband and "Hope" Metal cases for the first and second gen iPod Nanos.
Belkin also revealed that 10 percent of the proceeds will go to support Komen for the Cure and help fight breast cancer.

The Sport Armband "is hand washable and features "stitchless" construction with a water-resistant exterior".

The "Hope" Metal cases are "made from clear acrylic and brushed metal, featuring a soft-touch click-wheel protector."

Both are on sale now, and are priced at $30 USD. If you are in the market for Nano cases, please give these a look, as it goes to a good cause.


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7 user comments

18.5.2007 0:40

Well there you have it. You can't even buy a six pack without supporting breast cancer now.

28.5.2007 1:38

Originally posted by rcrockett:
Well there you have it. You can't even buy a six pack without supporting breast cancer now.
Supporting breast cancer is a good thing. We need more like this happening. The only thing i don't agree with is the fact only 10% of profits go to the charity whereas the whole sale of the nano product should go to the charity cause they sure can afford it.

38.5.2007 8:08

if this was a non profit organization it would not be considered a **good** organization to send money to.

10% of profits (which they carefully did not disclose the profit margin did they?) will probably amount to pennies or maybe a buck or two if they consider themselves **overly** generous.

When they count profits are they taking into account ALL the money AFTER build costs or are they only considering just the money left over after paying all the employees and benefits...

You can see that this little difference makes a HUGE impact on how much of your money is being used to line the company's pockets VS the charity's research.

48.5.2007 13:05

Supporting breast cancer is a great thing!!!!Using to help sales on there product for profit is shameful.

59.5.2007 9:11

What about prostate cancer? This is gender bias. If you have breast cancer, you should deal with it, not make everyone else give you money because you got it. Jeez, talk about a welfare state..

69.5.2007 10:05

Profit margin on an accessory like that is probably around 80% or higher. Let's assume 80%...

MSRP: $30.00
Profit: $24.00
10% of Profit: $2.40

Then at the end of the year, Belkin is going to announce they are donating $X as a corporation to the foundation, even though everyone knows that they really didn't give shit.

I hate corporate "charity".

714.5.2007 13:28

I don't think that you will have the same opinion when some one you know and love gets breast cancer or any other type of cancer.

I could say alot more, but what would be the point.


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