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LG offers DVD writer with SecurDisc technology

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 30 May 2007 18:46 User comments (4)

LG offers DVD writer with SecurDisc technology LG Electronics has launched its first DVD writer equipped with SecurDisc technology for data protection. The Super Multi Security drive has been launched in the UK and is available (internal drive) from PC World. The SecurDisc technology is licensed for use by Nero and HL Data Storage. It allows users to add layers of security to the disc including password protection, digital signatures and protection against duplication.
Password will have a minimum length of 16 characters and hope to prevent unauthorized access to the data. Each disc is encrypted with a unique identity to assure the recipient of the authenticity and integrity of the disc. Any disc with this function enabled with be protected against copying. A viewing application is required for the data.

To protect against data loss, data is duplicated in any spare space on a disc, improving chances of recovery if the disc gets damaged. "Most companies keep sensitive personal and business information in their files and on their computers, information such as names, financial details and intellectual property, but if this data falls into the wrong hands, it can lead to fraud or identity theft", said Suan Choi, product manager for LG Electronics.

Choi added: "We believe that safeguarding sensitive data is plain good business sense and with the Super Multi Security, our customers are given that extra layer of protection and confidence that their information is authentic and secure."


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4 user comments

130.5.2007 23:26

Well if this makes recovery of the information more durable and easier to retrieve its a good thing.

231.5.2007 11:03

Wouldn't this be easily done through software? SecureDisc or whatever would be an app, you drag your files to it then it creates an .iso or .dmg with all that security on it, then burn it with any burner. Perhaps that's how it works, who knows.

But it seems a little overkill, especially with a 16-character password that would probably need to be written down somewhere, and most people will probably write it in the jewel case lol.

328.6.2007 6:42

Yeah, i've got to admit, I would probably leave my 16 character passwword written down in an easy to find location.

428.6.2007 15:11

Originally posted by Unfocused:
Yeah, i've got to admit, I would probably leave my 16 character passwword written down in an easy to find location.
There is an easier way to manage your password that is too get a password manager program. Save it on a partition and then you wont lose it or you could just burn all your passwords on to a CD.

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