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LG patents washing machine that can play MP3s

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 30 May 2007 17:37 User comments (25)

LG patents washing machine that can play MP3s Yesterday, the electronics giant LG patented a washing machine that can play MP3s.
Now, families around the country can enjoy their favorite tunes and wash their dirty laundry with the same machine, which I'm sure has been the dream of many.

As LG describes their invention, "The washing device comprises: an input/output terminal for physically connecting the washing device with the MP3 player for data communication with the MP3 player; a connector for physically connecting the washing device with the MP3 player to receive an audio signal outputted from the MP3 player; a key input unit for inputting washing or drying mode conditions and a control command for the MP3 player from a user; a display unit for displaying information regarding an operation of a washing or drying mode and information regarding an operation of the MP3 player; an audio output unit for outputting a mode state in the form of an audio signal and the audio signal from the MP3 player received through the connector; and a controller for, in response to a control of the user through the key input unit, controlling the operation of the washing or drying mode, and controlling the operation of the MP3 player by performing the data communication with the MP3 player through the input/output terminal."

You can view the full application here: LG patent application

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25 user comments

130.5.2007 17:57

hahahaha. Incredible.

230.5.2007 18:18

Introducing the newest washing machine by LG - "Which now plays MP3, because everythings gotta play MP3s. Except your MP3 player! Which now plays MP4s because everyone knows MP3s are a dead technology."
- Sarge, Red vs Blue "Go Go Gadget Video".

330.5.2007 18:19

i dont know about anyone else, but when i do laundry i allways time it, do something productive, then come back when its done, same with the dryer lol

this would be cool for laudromats, but how many laundromats have you been to that even have "newer" model machines lol

430.5.2007 18:19

What? Just use your home stereo system. Can't imagine buying a washing machine with an mp3 add-on when we could just use our 250 watt home stereo instead.

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530.5.2007 18:31

this is just plain stupid. almost as bad as the Fridge with a T.V

630.5.2007 18:39

Worse, I'd say. At least some people are around their fridges long enough to take in a sitcom while cooking or eating a meal. I'm never in the laundry room long enough to hear even a single song, much less an entire playlist.

730.5.2007 18:42


830.5.2007 19:03

Yea, it takes no more than a minute to throw some clothes in the wash...Brilliant

930.5.2007 19:36

The patent basically describes a washing machine with a headphone jack and probably a tinny speaker. Bravo. Way to blow a few grand on a pointless patent.

1030.5.2007 19:51

Well this is what we call washing music. Too bad it comes from a bad manufacturer like LG.

1131.5.2007 2:59

would you even be abl to hear it with the grumbling of the washing machine

1231.5.2007 3:59

My washing-machine just died and I was thinking of getting an
MP3-Player only yesterday so this fits the bill perfectly :-D

I'll order one as soon as I get these damn frogs back in their box!

1331.5.2007 11:10

Originally posted by gozilla:
this is just plain stupid. almost as bad as the Fridge with a T.V

I think the tv on the fridge is a great idea. If I had one I could watch Rachel Ray's hotness while I am trying to make the recipe she explaining on her show.

1431.5.2007 14:30

Just great! Now maybe my kids will be interested in learning how to do the laundry! Maybe next they should put one on lawnmowers, the vaccum, the bathrooms, the kitchen, ETC...

1531.5.2007 15:47

This is what i consider a good dumb idea. Its good for those few whom sit there while their clothes wash. Dumb because a wash machine rattles and shake and make all sorts of noises while doing its thing. The other dumb thing is like someone already said its a damn wash machine how can you even hear the track you like unless you got good speakers. Really just dont make much sense in the long run. Plus plenty of people have portable mp3 players then on top of that you through in the all the DRM and other forms of crap that will make it a pain to use unless you use other measures. Oh and yeah again as i stated in another thread LG is the KIA of home entertainment. You just can not trust a bad product maker.

1631.5.2007 18:13

First it was the Refrigerator with Internet Access and now this!!! I like technology, but sometimes it;s just plain stupid.

1731.5.2007 18:27

If anything, it's just a half-assed job by LG. Why give us just a taste of what laundry should be? Why not replace the door of a front-loading machine with a television? In fact, building Surface into the top would be pretty snazzy! ....and while they're at it, can I get Pong for my dryer?

181.6.2007 1:21

How the hell am I going to carry a washing machine around with me? How many batteries will it need? Does it come with a belt clip or a lanyard?
sorry feeling a bit brain dead today.

191.6.2007 2:16

Originally posted by drakshug:
How many batteries will it need?
No batteries needed since it has a built-in Dynamo that charges it during the spinning cycle. LOL

201.6.2007 6:16

The Internet refrigerator. Now the MP3 washing machine. LOL

211.6.2007 8:06

The only good idea i heard with the last year or so with home appliances was having a lcd on it that was touch screen and displayed when your food was getting old. It had more features but all this crap they talking now was not on that list.

221.6.2007 8:48

I'm thinking of inventing an mp3 beer bottle. It'll have a wee wave machine in the bottom. Every time you take a swig it recharges. The memory will be about 32 megs. That should hold about 4 MP3 which is more than enough to finish. No usb port as you won't use the bottle again anyway and after a few you won't care anyway.

231.6.2007 9:10

Ooh, good plan. While you're at it, make a stein with a sensor in it so that the barkeep knows to grab a refill once you're getting low. You'll be rich! Rich, I say!

241.6.2007 12:58

Originally posted by drakshug:
I'm thinking of inventing an mp3 beer bottle.
Now that's innovation.

Originally posted by drakshug:
The memory will be about 32 megs.
Would be better if it was 32 Kegs. LOL!

2528.6.2007 6:04

Where do I sign up? My neighbors will be so jealous!

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