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Sony debuts "minisodes"

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 19 Jun 2007 11:44 User comments (8)

Sony debuts "minisodes" Sony has started making what it calls "minisodes" of various television shows available online. Each minisode is comprised of a television that's been stripped down to just be just 3-5 minutes long. The shows, which are sponsored by even shorter ads from Honda, can be seen on MySpace, and even added to individual MySpace pages. Sony also has a website which hosts what they're calling the Minisode Network, where you can find links to the minisodes.
According to a release from MySpace, new ones will be added each week and more than 500 total will be online by the end of 2007. It's not clear whether this means that new shows will be added as well or if the 'minisodes' will remain restricted to the current 15.

Sources: CNET News
Minisode Network

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8 user comments

119.6.2007 11:59

this sounds kind of stupid, considering they can just upload whole episodes

219.6.2007 12:30

yeah, and since they are myspace they are crap youtube size quality as well, and you have to stream em... they will never learn... its sony, what do you expect? who would honestly watch 5 minutes of tv shows in crap quality, when you can download near dvd quality rips of the shows online, or dvd if they are available. so dumb. they dont even have enar the selection either...

319.6.2007 12:44

this Minisode Network is going to be a failure, just how the connect music store was.

when will they ever learn.....

419.6.2007 13:36

If they would just get off their rear-ends and make televisions episodes available the same day--then not as many people would download them off off file-sharing.

They continue this crap service.

519.6.2007 13:53

I agree with you gallagher, what they should do is take advantage of the internet if they want to reverse the present file sharing situation, indeed they need to profit for their stuff, but viewers want it for free... the best solution is to get to middle ground and everybody gets satisfied.

Most of the viewers download the episodes because they missed them on TV broadcast, and they wish to get them on the same day it broadcasted, but if they could log on the official site and download it for free, it will help promote the shows but also will create profits throw advertising, its just like TV broadcasting... users will find it easier to download episodes for free from a official server that using P2P.

Therefore everytime a viewer downloads an episode, sponsors will pay them due to advertising at the site, that users must view prior to iniciate the download, as effective as TV commercials. Another solution could be to include a banner that shows up every 3-5 minutes at the bottom of the episode image screen, similar to the ones that appear on news and sports TV broadcasts. If you love the show and would like a clean image with no advertising, then you can choose to buy the DVDs or pay to download them throw iTunes or similar.

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620.6.2007 11:20

so raped down already bad TV shows get a 5 min release?

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721.6.2007 20:13

I am not at all a fan of this. I dont wanna see a 3 to 5 minute cut show. Sorry a no from me :(

822.6.2007 11:56

5 to 6 minute minisodes, umm then whilst your loading the next page up which is probably jam packed of adverts then you get to play the next one.

Maybe you would watch 5 or 6 of them in one go for half an hour...

umm a program split into 5 minute blocks which is sepirated by lots of unwanted adverts, ummm where have i heard that idea before......

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