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MPAA unveils new anti-camcording posters for US theaters

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 23 Jun 2007 8:41 User comments (19)

MPAA unveils new anti-camcording posters for US theaters The MPAA and the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) have unveiled their latest anti-camcording posters in an effort to curb piracy in US movie theaters. The posters' main aim is to raise awareness among moviegoers that camcording in movie theaters is now a federal offense.
Camcorded movies are still big business for pirates as camcorded versions are usually available online and on street corners within days of the movies' release.

“More than 90 per cent of newly released movies that end up on the Internet or in street markets around the world can be sourced to a single illegally camcorded movie from a movie theater. With these posters, we want to remind would-be camcord thieves that they can face serious consequences for engaging in this illegal activity and remind moviegoers to report any suspicious activity to theater management,”
said MPAA chairman and CEO Dan Glickman.

“Movie thieves are on notice that camcording in movie theaters is a crime. These new posters underscore our determination to stop illegal camcording in our theaters,”
said NATO president and CEO John Fithian.

As of 2005, camcording in a US theater is a federal offense with convicted offenders being sentenced to a maximum five years in prison and/or a fine of $250,000 USD.

These new posters will replace the old outdated 2005 posters which were not as "visually attractive".

Both groups claimed that because of piracy, US movie theaters lost $670 million USD in 2006.


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19 user comments

123.6.2007 9:01

the MPAA is so stupid. a poster is not goint to stop piracy. and the people the video tape the movies already know what will happen if they are caught.

223.6.2007 9:26

I haven't been to a movie theatre in 2 years (since the ticket price went to 8.00 dollars USD "I got priced out"). From my last expierence too many cell phones where going off during the movie ruining the movie for me. I think all this "camcording warning posters" is just going to make less people go to the movies. They need to put up "no talking or cell phones during movie" posters. Maybe lowering prices to see the movie will bring more customers instead of threatening them with prison time. I believe high prices (and cellphones) is losing them business not pirates (who weren't going to pay for the movie in the first place anyway).

323.6.2007 9:40

i'll go slow for ya, MPAA and NATO: s-h-i-t-t-y m-o-v-i-e-s for h-i-g-h p-r-i-c-e-s in S-M-E-L-L-Y D-I-R-T-Y T-H-E-A-T-E-R-S!!!!!!!!

423.6.2007 9:41

here in metro NYC, tickets are $11 and i agree with the above poster...the price is somthing that im not willing to spend unless i know for sure that the movie is a sure hit.

523.6.2007 10:44

oh shit theres a poster run away run away.

it cracks me the f**k up if they put as much time and effort into catching murderers and chester molesters instead of trying to fill prisons with people weilding cameras the world would be a safer place

do the MPAA not realise that people hide the cams for a reason instead of setting them up on tripods in the isles its because they know they shouldnt be doing it dumbasses, the MPAA and RIAA make themselves look more and more stupid everyday. and of that $670 million the movie industry lost because of piracy $600 million of that profit loss was prolly used on stupid shit like making posters and trying to stop pirates arghhhhhhh.

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623.6.2007 10:59

Originally posted by DVDBack23:
here in metro NYC, tickets are $11
Yeah, but like California, isn't everything close to 1.5x as expensive as it is everywhere else. :P

Well, due to competition from other "Groups", pirates are more and more often doing TeleSync (The "TS" tag) movies.

These are done (according to the aD Glossary) in an EMPTY movie theater, or with the camera in the booth with the real movie projector, with the sound coming from a headphone jack or similar direct sound connection.

Its kind of hard to catch someone in an empty theater ;-)


723.6.2007 11:07

I never download CAMs or TeleSyncs, and can't imagine people would pay money for them... but I guess they must because there are still terrorists and mobsters in the world.

I love how they tell ripped-off patrons to alert the manager if someone is CAMming. Hey you! Yeah, you, the one who just paid $12 to see this shit with a bunch of niners! Go tell the manager someone is trying to save others from the shitty theatre experience! I swear, we'll give you a free child size popcorn (not)

823.6.2007 11:41

I agree with jony218. I no longer go to movies, not because of the pirates, or even the prices of the movies. Its because that people no longer show the common respect to stop talking to each other and to turn off their cell phones in the theatres, so people can actually hear the movie and enjoy the atmosphere.

923.6.2007 12:32

i agree that maybe lower prices would encourage more people to see the movie, and instead of posters maybe a 5 second little warning before the movie plays, just like the fbi warning on dvds?
in addition, in mexico it is 2 DOLLARS to see a movie on opening night!!!!!!it is packed
the only camcorded movies that sell on the corners are the good ones, but then in my family they end up buyin the dvd version as well

1023.6.2007 17:56

Just because you bring out new legislation to scare pirates away will not stop it. It will be a challenge for them.

1123.6.2007 19:12

Both groups claimed that because of piracy, US movie theaters lost $670 million USD in 2006.
HOLD THE MF PHONE! Did we just NOT read a story about them saying that they made a good profit over the last few years?
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1223.6.2007 19:46

* * Note to self: Steal RIAA poster. * *

1323.6.2007 21:22

Its a laughable situation when you see these dumb attempts to so called stop piracy. Piracy would not even be this big if the fools driving this problem up higher would listen to what the people want and stop digging for more money. I know all the real murderers and robbers and rapist and mobsters and corporate thieves and who else i didnt name are all sitting back like damn we can do damn near whatever we want they focused on the small time issues. Its so many other things these idiots can do but the internet shit is more important. Remember people this is want your money is getting you when you support them by going to the theaters and buying movies and so forth.

1424.6.2007 0:53

Originally posted by hikaricor:
* * Note to self: Steal RIAA poster. * *
Or just **add** your own poster underneath explaining how it results in LESS fines and LESS prison time to just come into the theater with a GUN and physically steal the film (and a few registers worth of money AND while your at it hurt the popcorn growers and steal a bag of popcorn or two).. GUNS AND ROBBERY is LESS BAD than a camcorder in a theater!

sidenote to wise-acres:Yes I KNOW you could not just watch the movie if you stole the film without one of them fancy dancy pj's lol

1524.6.2007 6:36

Originally posted by hikaricor:
* * Note to self: Steal RIAA poster. * *
lol. Classic!

1624.6.2007 7:43

Maybe someone will record the new posters before the film for us to all see!

1725.6.2007 4:52

$15 for me and my daughter to see a movie once.
$15 to buy a DVD to watch on my home theater as many times as we want.
You cannot pause or rewind movies at the theater.
Which is the more logical choice?
I think that if the movie industry would lower ticket prices, then they would see more sales. I have a discount theater in my city. If I really want to see a movie in the theater then I just wait for the movie to leave major theaters and go see it for $5. That is about the limit of how much I am willing to pay to see a movie in the theater.

1825.6.2007 9:06

Originally posted by hikaricor:
* * Note to self: Steal RIAA poster. * *
Its not the RIAA its the MPAA get it right so you steal the right poster.

1925.1.2009 21:37

I know of the poster every one is referring to. At the theater I work at we have never posted these posters. Now as far as ticket prices its just the way the economy works in this business prices go up and with theaters going digital and adding 3-D to the mix prices increase even more.
Piracy is one of the biggest problems out there for movie theater employees to deal with. We never know when someone is going to come in with a camera stuck in a pocket. It takes employees and the management at the theater to check there theaters every show to look for just that and when they catch someone the person with the camera gets arrested and charged with a crime of piracy which is Federal Crime. The worker gets $500 as a reward.
The 2nd biggest problem is cell phone usage inside the auditorium and that is one thing that is hard to control no matter how many commercials are shown before the movie and how many times someone ask them to silence or turn off the phone they hardly ever do it. Until theaters can be equipped with cell phone disrupters it just can not be stopped.

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