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HD groups court consumers in Las Vegas

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 20 Jul 2007 5:47 User comments (2)

HD groups court consumers in Las Vegas At this year's Home Media Expo in Las Vegas the HD DVD and Blu-ray organizations are trying a new strategy to win the "format war." They're marketing directly to consumers and almost ignoring retailers.
One big difference over previous years is a new group of attendees to the annual home video industry convention. Representatives from the consumer run and oriented websites are being treated to a barrage of sales pitches directly from members of the two groups.

In fact retailers weren't even invited to a party Tuesday night thrown by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. At that party consumer representatives were given free Blu-ray players and movies.

On the HD DVD side, Microsoft and Universal Studios Home Entertainment held a panel on Wednesday demonstrating HD DVD and taking questions. Although retailers were free to attend the session, they were only promoted to consumer attendees. There was also an HD DVD player available to anynone at the show for only $99.

This is in stark contrast to other recent technology shows, like January's CES, where both groups have spent a lot of money and time selling to retailers. It's likely due to complaints from studios since the introduction of both formats that retail sales forces don't know enough to educate consumers.

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120.7.2007 8:59

There was also an HD DVD player available to anyone at the show for only $99.
Trust me, if you were selling HD DVD players for $99, they would sell. How about lowering prices everywhere rather than select cities and the system will sell. Then you can get busy making money off the movies.

223.7.2007 3:27

It's just another method to see how they can get a strong hold on the market.

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