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Samsung to begin embedding ShoZu in its phones

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 26 Jul 2007 16:28 User comments (8)

Samsung to begin embedding ShoZu in its phones Electronics giant Samsung has announced that they will begin to embed ShoZu into future cellphones.
ShoZu is a service that allows users to upload and download photos, music and videos without the need for a mobile browser.

According to Samsung, the first phone to have the service embedded will be the SCH-L760. The company also says the service allows for uploading to and downloading from YouTube, Dada, Facebook, Flickr and others. Users can also upload to FTP sites and email addresses.

More phones with the service will be announced soon, says the company.


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8 user comments

127.7.2007 1:26

Just what we need... another format. Yay! (NOT!)

227.7.2007 2:44

No thanxs.

I have to say out of all the different formats have been brought out i love the USB port because it is the most versatile.

327.7.2007 21:12


Maybe I'm wrong but it's my unsderstanding ShoZu is not a format. It's just a service that allows you to upload to websites and blogs etc.

428.7.2007 1:10

How is this anything new ??

People have been using the internet and transmitting content to each other and receiving it from operators by gprs mms for ages ??

So this is basically a jar/jad or what ever language, that just replaces the mms bearer over gprs/edge/3g etc for content distribution.

I assume this was done due to the limitations of mms, however as memory gets constantly cheaper why not just use the built in browser... maybe 3 years ago when a 256mb phone was something to be impressed about but no most people have 1gb or more on the phone the days of having 32mb for the os everything is gone.

So the only conclusion i can come to is they want to charge mobile operators for access to their locked down system and therefore make revenue out of afterphone sales in an indirect matter.

I might be wrong... but it looks like the most likely cause.

528.7.2007 3:35

ShoZu has nothing to do with memory or formats. It's just a program allowing users to share music, photos, and videos much easier than current phones. I know many of us do this already, so you may not think this is a huge break through. Using my current Samsung Snyc, I have to go through about 10 menus to accomplish this. I'm thinking with ShoZu, it can be done in a couple of menus.

628.7.2007 5:42

Well I did buy some ShoZu to spread on my bagel this morning. It's tasty!

728.7.2007 6:24

So I was right. It's a sharing program. Some people just start blabbering away before they know what is all about.

828.7.2007 9:19

Originally posted by hermes_vb:
So I was right. It's a sharing program. Some people just start blabbering away before they know what is all about.
Yes its a sharing program to replace the existing methods for content distribution.

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