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John Lennon finally comes to iTunes

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 14 Aug 2007 14:58 User comments (5)

John Lennon finally comes to iTunes Although the Beatles' digital catalogue wont be hitting iTunes until next year, Apple announced that they had made the solo works of John Lennon available on the iTunes platform.
16 tracks from EMI were posted, although many of the works were already available elsewhere. The announcement is significant because iTunes is far and away the largest legal music download store.

All the tracks are available DRM-free for $1.29 USD a track and two collections, the “Lennon Legend” and “Acoustic” will be making their digital debut on iTunes.

Apple also said for the next month, exclusive video content would be included with the albums "John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band," "Sometime in New York City,; "Walls and Bridges," "Milk and Honey" and the collections "Anthology" and "Working Class Hero."


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5 user comments

115.8.2007 10:41

WOW, maybe I'll go buy a iPod now and only $1.29 for each tune, then again maybe not are they nuts. A $1.29 for a song of lower quality then if I buy the CD is insane and I can't believe people are dieing to get John Lennon from iTunes. Most people that love Lennon would most likely have his albums or CD's already and have ripped them to iTunes. Are people really this nigh eave, I hope not but then again you never know.

215.8.2007 11:22

They should have gotten all of the Beatles and Lennon songs from when they had a chance. It was cheaper and better quality. Tsk.Tsk.

315.8.2007 17:39

Sheeple will never learn.

416.8.2007 20:59

no offence but I think "the horse has left the barn" a long time ago.
Well at least some people will have another option if they want to get these songs, but the $1.29 might be a little steep.

518.8.2007 5:03

This is great news for lennon and beatle fans across the world.

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