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Windows Home Server getting close to release

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 20 Aug 2007 21:55 User comments (8)

Windows Home Server getting close to release Although there's been no release announcement, Microsoft is making its upcoming Windows Home Server software available to OEM partners on August 27th. Outside the U.S. it's already being sold to vendors for between $150 and $200.
Despite a complete lack of publicity, visitors to the company's website are able to see it listed for release on the last Monday of the month.

A Microsoft spokeswoman Friday noted that the company does not release system builder or OEM software pricing, and denied that the Aug. 27 date constituted a product launch. "The only thing that is available on Aug. 27 is tech support for system builders," she said.

Windows Home Server (WHS) is intended to run home servers like the ones that have become popular among many HTPC enthusiasts. WHS is based on Windows Server 2003, and computers running the OS would primarily be competing with SATA NAS appliances.

Source: Computerworld

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8 user comments

120.8.2007 23:15

At least the pricing is better than Vista...

221.8.2007 4:23

Yea price is not every thing. i want to see its performence in practical uses. also its the first time The States did not see such a product first. usally means its not worth seeing..

321.8.2007 6:27

Who in there right mind would use Windoze to run a server? Linux FTW!

421.8.2007 8:28

Its not all about America sweetheart!
The whole world doesnt revolve around America!

521.8.2007 14:31

ToxicGing, It is all about america, Just think about RIAA is America,
MPAA is America, Microsft is America, Im America, Steve Jobs does America. Sony tries To screw over america witch seems to be working,
So you See SweetNips>Hope to god your a woman< it is all about America

622.8.2007 16:53

Another suckie MS release. Hopefully they get this one right.

723.8.2007 3:26

As long as the server is not based on Vista programing then i am for it.

824.8.2007 18:40

Originally posted by borhan9:
As long as the server is not based on Vista programing then i am for it.
that was my inquery also --- what is it based on .. whats the differnce between this and media center or rather 2003 server ...

i suppose i should have went to m$ft website and read a little before posting this .. but -- ya know how the web works .. forgot why i got on my pc in the first place now...

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