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LCD panel demand on the rise

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 09 Sep 2007 19:51 User comments (3)

LCD panel demand on the rise According to manufacturers of LCD panels, demand for LCD televisions is on the rise. In North America, there is considerable demand for 19-inch and 22-inch LCD TVs currently as consumers target them as second or third TV sets for a household. Vendors point to good pricing for LCD televisions of 19-inch and 22-inch sizes in the North American market to explain the demand.
However, 32-inch displays remain the mainstream size in the market while tight supply persists. In the market for LCD panels of 37-inch in size, tight supply is also enduring. Panel makers said that the shortage situation for 37-inch panels may increase in the second half as pricing for the segment continues to dip and suppliers for 37-inch TV panels remains few.

Demand for 42-inch LCD TVs is also picking up now that the units are becoming more affordable.


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3 user comments

19.9.2007 23:23

I wouldn't even consider purchasing a 1500 + lcd screen until all the drm that is being forced on the world by the mpaa is widely in use. hdcp is already having too many issues to throw my money away.

i purchased a philips 15PF5121/01 for my bedroom after reading great reviews in what hifi and ended up with the common blue screen of the hdcp handshake failure when i plugged in my ps3 but when i plugged in my new tosh dvd SD370E player, which also received a great review via what hifi (uk's leading audiophile mag) i got an on screen msg stating that the current format was not supported when i tried to use a hdmi lead .

when i phoned up philips i was told that it was not compatible with newer forms of hdcp and there was not a thing that could be done about this!

210.9.2007 4:12

I agree with the HDCP stuff. It just pisses me off that i can't go out and buy an lcd, plasma, etc., TV and plug it up to my computer and watch my HD-DVD's. God knows i can't watch something that i legally bought. No that would be too easy. I would have to an HDCP monitor, graphics card, and i'm sure a lot of other things just so i can watch my damn movie.

My rant.

311.9.2007 14:50

lcd is the way to go :)

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