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Meridian iPod dock upconverts video to 1080p

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 09 Sep 2007 19:39 User comments (3)

Meridian iPod dock upconverts video to 1080p Meridian has released a new iPod-compatible dock that might be interesting to users who store a lot of video content on their iPods. The company claims that the Meridian iRIS iPod dock is capable of playing video from an iPod on a connected TV screen and can also upconvert the video signal to full HD 1080p content. Furthermore, the company claims that it provides quality good enough for big screens, clarity and freedom from artifacts.
Of course, while this might be true (or at least true to a certain degree) for content purchased from the iTunes download store for example, the overall quality after processing still depends on the quality of the video itself and some re-encodes done at home might not look so healthy on your giant plasma HDTV. Such processing even done with DVD-Video by compatible players, while often beneficial, does not match or sometimes even come close to true full HD video.

The dock will output 1080p video through a HDMI output or 720p / 1080i through a component output. The dock will be available in November.

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3 user comments

110.9.2007 4:03

iPod videos from iTunes are like 320x240. Making that 1080p would be about 27 times the original resolution if my math is correct. I can't see it being that good of a picture.

210.9.2007 5:21

an upconversion from an ipod would be worthless

311.9.2007 14:39

i dont really see the point of this.

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