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IFPI shuts down six eDonkey servers

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 Sep 2007 13:03 User comments (10)

IFPI shuts down six eDonkey servers The IFPI has announced that they have shut down six local eDonkey servers in Germany after it got injunctions against the owner of the servers.
According to P2P Blog, the servers were known on the eDonkey network as "Donkey Server No. 1" through "Donkey Server No. 6". IFPI Germany has claimed the shut down of 16 servers so far this year and expects to get more injunctions in the upcoming months.

There seems to be a cloud of controversy surrounding the methods used by the IFPI in these cases though. The owner of the servers told the popular German IT site that when contacted by IFPI lawyers he immediately installed filters that would stop the trading of unauthorized songs and video but they still got injunctions against him even after he cooperated.

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10 user comments

119.9.2007 18:18

time to use the KAD network.

219.9.2007 19:15

Got that right. That's why they created torrents.

319.9.2007 20:28

Pretty soon there will be no more centralized file sharing networks....then it will just be decentralized networks....much harder to take down.

420.9.2007 18:10

What a bunch O'Morons Wow you closed the worst nightmare ever thank you, Do you want a ginger cookie for your accomplishments. jesus i could have pin pointed the servers blind folded. what a waist of hard earned money and tax payer dollors. some kid just died in germany cause a bunch of american money grubbing dick heads RIAA,
want P2P sites banned gloabaly. whats worse im an american.

Sigh i tire of posting at thise type of threads. all they want is to draw attaintion to them selves.

521.9.2007 10:12

You know, it is a sphinx level mystery why they don't try and shut down premium newshosting servers like easynews, newshosting, giga, etc. Though impractical its only a matter of time before the assclown brigade tries...if they do, they'll shout from the rooftops "assclown shoes for everyone!"


621.9.2007 14:27

Kad is best anyway, don't sweat it.. my eMule was pulling 130gb a month on a 512/128 line, KAD only...

The only thing is servers give searches of client outside KAD network, so you may lose some rarer files until others update their clients to KAD based..

More info on how Kad a Serverless Network works, especially read ElChele's first post,

721.9.2007 20:12

Six servers. Big whoopee. That's like picking six fish out of the ocean and jumping for joy saying I cleaned the ocean of fish!

821.9.2007 20:18

The fact is.Not everyone downloads copyright material from Emule servers.To cause disruption to this P2P Network by eliminating the top six servers [edonkey 1-6] via the courts, only serves to make the network even more secure.With the advent of no-ip technology and further advances in this field,I'm looking forward to continuing to download fair-use material until the day I'm buried six feet under.Untill then,I'd be more than happy to fund replacement servers for those of whom have been shutdown.Why?....because the "International Federation of the Phonographic Industry" is paid a supreme amount of money by it's 1,450 affiliated members to raid individuals and ISP's whom it believes to be exchanging free music.The fact is!,they don't want to lose this conduit and will go to great lengths to protect there own selfish and senseless agenda. To prove that they are worthwhile beneficiaries of this "vault of cash".Bottom line is.It harks back to childhood psychology,"you took my toy car,so i'm going to take yours plus five others.Childish behaviour that only the IFPI can be proud of.

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923.9.2007 21:50

Time to move DC network

1028.9.2007 4:04

P2P now its torrents. After torrents there will be something else.

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