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Huge European raid aims for piracy release groups

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 21 Sep 2007 19:45 User comments (15)

Huge European raid aims for piracy release groups In an effort to crush 14 piracy release groups, 200 police officials took part in a huge raid on Thursday, one that spanned through Germany and France and saw the sweeping of over 50 homes and office buildings.
Release groups are the usual starting point for distribution of pirated games, movies and TV shows.

The GVU, Germany's organization that investigates intellectual property violations, said in a statement that the release groups had put at least 200 movies and 100 pieces of software into illegal networks and that many of the movies were not even released in Germany yet. English versions of the DVDs were taken and dubbed by the groups, said the statement.

The GVU also said during the raid 60 PCs, 2000 DVDs and CDs and servers as well as HDDs were confiscated.

"This proves once more the correctness of our strategy in concentrating on the tip of the illegal distribution pyramid,"
GVU chairman Christian Sommer said. "Today's raid will have a decisive impact on the release group scene, where pirated copies are first created."


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15 user comments

121.9.2007 23:03

this completely sucks. just COMPLETELY.

222.9.2007 0:56

Germany is very loyal to the usa but now there is a pro American puppet in France too so things can only get worse!

American banks and companies were both profiteering and funding the first and second world war, you think hitler was just another dictator like saddam.

America is trying to take over the world with their views and laws, a police state is starting and freedoms are being lost, the piracy scare is a way to shut down the internet and create Orwellian laws to filter the truth and silence dissidents(ppl that disagree) just as is the fabricated terror alerts are used to create more laws that destroy your liberties!

read about the, bcci bank, clark clifford, john foster, the Rockefeller's and Dulles brothers, know your history America!

Bush Family prescott bush worked for Brown Brothers Harriman and in the 30's-40's which financed adolf hitler's war machine

the bank only stopped funding Hitler when in 1942 because of the trading with the enemy act the the us gov took over the union banking corporation of which Prescott Bush was a director. you current president's grandfather.,12271,1312540,00.html

America Owns Germany

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322.9.2007 2:12

I have to grudgingly agree with this statement.

422.9.2007 5:04

Well.... they definitely did something wrong and that is dubbing the movies.

522.9.2007 7:43

well dubbing is a deadly sin, so ahl give you that matey. Lol

622.9.2007 8:35

However true your statements may be, lets keep this topic clear of anything related to war and especially hitler, thanks.

722.9.2007 9:43

Where money leads, politicians will indeed follow. Hollywood and Capitol Hill have always shared the same bed. Deal with it.

822.9.2007 11:22

12 down, 12,000 to go. nice use of police resources.

922.9.2007 13:08

yeah its time for a revolution

1022.9.2007 17:31

Too much Alex Jones Stuff.

1122.9.2007 17:38

I'm surprised at how fast this has happened. Just six months ago congress and the president started their big campaign to curb piracy in other countries. I just didn't think that other countries would be so willing to cooperate. I agree though that this doesn't affect me at all
living in the US.

1222.9.2007 22:49

ahh,,bologna........ they just want to put a scare into us, with all their bullshit fact/details. Im american and i agree with alot of u regarding how this fricken country is in everyone's toilet. But, this wont stop me from sharing with the world. The internet belongs to us, the people. This is were we find the balance.

1323.9.2007 0:45

dont be surprised to see this happen thats why the us has the slowest internet service, we just keep putting up with it like paying 3 dollars a gallon for gas all we need to do is not buy gas one or two days a week, same with internet if this sharing bizz goes to hell ill drop my premium isp service at 80 dollars a month and go with 10 dollar dsl...
its a shame all i can get is 768 up and 6 meg down with there limiters
but we get what we deserve because we put up with it .. ralph nader
said it all! our fore farthers would cry if they could only see it now amend this and that till it works for the rich and the politicans
and its the little guy that makes them rich working 24 hours a day!

1425.9.2007 5:48

everyone should check out the movie ZEITGEIST , it makes all the sense.

1528.9.2007 5:52

nothing special one closes another opens.

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