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Copyright lawyer advises universities to fight RIAA

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 30 Sep 2007 14:30 User comments (4)

Copyright lawyer advises universities to fight RIAA Wendy Seltzer, founder of the Chilling Effects Clearinghouse - a project which brings together law clinics from several prominent law schools and the EFF to educate individuals about their rights with regard to intellectual property and fair use, recently spoke at Cornell University advising universities to fight attempted lawsuits against students for illegal file sharing.
Although she addressed the established problems with identifying users by IP address, that wasn't the main focus of her talk. Instead, she concentrated the potential damage to both universities and students that could result from cooperation, or at Limited resistance.

By Seltzer's reasoning, there's a lot more at stake than the legal problems of a small percentage of college students. In her words, universities should resist on the grounds that the lawsuits place an "undue burden" on them by pitting school administration against the students they're supposed to serve. She argues that when they're forced to share private information about students with RIAA lawyers they risk creating an atmosphere counter to the goal of academic opennes that's critical to education.

She also addressed measures that RIAA lobbyists recently attempted to get passed that would have required schools to monitor their networks for file sharing activity to issue annual reports to the federal government to produce a list of schools with the most copyright infringement, saying "Why Congress should be getting into the business of naming names and pointing fingers is beyond me."

Although the measure was withdrawn after a public outcry, it certainly serves as a reminder that the RIAA feels that their profits are the responsibility of everyone, and such an overwhelming public interest that little things like due process and evidence aren't particularly important.

Source: Ars Technica

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4 user comments

130.9.2007 18:24

You go girl! LOL :-)

I'm not an advocate of piracy, but I AM against losing right to privacy.

230.9.2007 20:03

Nice. Of course, you know this means the RIAA will try to find some sort of means to 'remove' her now because she will help cut into their bottom dollar.

31.10.2007 5:20

At least we have one of them on our side :) Well done :)

410.10.2007 2:56

Now were catching on. I have been saying this for a long time. If we all fought back (not that I am in this situation) the RIAA % MPAA would eventually give up. They are making easy money when the people who roll over and settle out of court. We make it go to court and the cost will be higher than the dividends. If I were them I would attack everyone too. Easy money.

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