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Microsoft launches its "Windows Media Center Internet TV" beta

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 01 Oct 2007 19:58 User comments (2)

Microsoft launches its "Windows Media Center Internet TV" beta This morning, Microsoft launched the beta for its long awaited Windows Media Center Internet TV platform. The company's Internet TV platform was supposed to be an Xbox 360 initiative but it appears it will be seen on Windows Vista machines first.
If you are an owner of Vista Home Premium or Vista Ultimate then you can simply access the free TV content without the need for a hardware TV tuner. According to Microsoft, over 100 hours of programming will be available during the beta including concerts and news clips as well as sports highlights.

Microsoft also said that the Xbox 360, Linksys, D-Link and HP Windows Media Center Extenders would be able to stream the content to HDTVs.

"We are excited to reveal the first series of totally quiet, cool, and sleek-looking Media Center Extender devices, designed to deliver the ultimate entertainment experience to every TV set in your home,"
said Joe Belfiore, Microsoft's corporate vice president for Entertainment and Devices eHome Division.

"These products are the initial third-party devices that can wirelessly connect a TV with a PC, with features including live high-definition TV, PVR, movies, pictures, music and online services. In addition, the Internet TV beta allows Windows Media Center as well as Extender users to enjoy free high- quality television from some of their favorite studios and networks in Media Center, directly over the Internet."


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2 user comments

14.10.2007 22:17

Where and how do i get access to all this i wave vista i want to have free tv access. :)

25.10.2007 5:15

Hahah they have played it safe this time and instead of forcing you to take media center, they just dont include it in the basic.

So everyone buys primium for areo and oh look you got media center to.

Very cleaver, make a product no one wants and then when another anti trust rolls round, they say well you could have got basic.

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