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NBC CEO wants all out war on piracy

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 03 Oct 2007 19:58 User comments (47)

NBC CEO wants all out war on piracy According to NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker, copyright holders are "losing the battle" against piracy and that the battle will be completely lost unless governments and industries get proactive in fighting it.
The chief spoke out about the piracy issue at an anti-piracy summit hosted by the US Chamber of Commerce.

Zucker hopes intellectual property violations will take center stage and also hopes that Congress will create "dedicated IP enforcement departments and to offer federal grants for state and local governments to escalate their own policing efforts." Zucker also wants any and all advertisers and credit card companies to stop supporting web sites that are "overwhelmingly devoted" to making unauthorized content available such as Warez forums or torrent trackers.

To an even higher extreme, Zucker wants all ISPs, university networks, search engines and user-generated content sites to install filtering technology to would block all pirated content. Critics have argued an approach like that would be ineffective but Zucker doesn't seem to care.

"Technology has been and continues to be an incredibly powerful tool to combat theft, whether we are talking about hard goods or digital goods," Zucker said. He admits the tools will never be perfect "but committed development of technology has the potential to reduce dramatically the traffic in counterfeit and pirated products."

In an effort to show off the impact of piracy on the US economy, Zucker cited a recent study that found that the U.S. economy loses $58 billion and U.S. workers are deprived of nearly 375,000 jobs annually due to piracy. Of course, the study was released by the Institute for Policy Innovation which has a long history of hosting pro-Hollywood events and therefore cannot be taken at its word.


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47 user comments

13.10.2007 20:55

It will never work! They'll never stop us from having what we want! Gwahahaha!

First post :P

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23.10.2007 20:57

Wow, another person to add to the list of people who need to get hit by a truck. *Scribbles on notepad*

There's no way we can let any of that crap happen, Big Brother has come, but he has yet to completely take over, this is the next step.

33.10.2007 20:58

Another ceo who needs to come back to reality. This is one taxpayer who is tired of funding $h!t programs that every tom dick and lobbyist can come up with. (sorry for the nasty word).
Essentially what this moron wants is for tax dollars to be used to protect his profits and censor the web. what's the matter zucker can't afford that olympic size hot tub now?

43.10.2007 21:04

Here's a few things:

First this (for Americans) would probably violate there constitution.

Second, just like "Traffic Shaping" that ISPs tried to do someone will find a way around it. Even if that doesn't work, the software would eventually be leaked.

Just look at "MediaDefender" and their software. Its full source code, if I remember right, has been leaked and placed online.

In my opinion the only thing that really gets hurts by piracy is when small-software developers, who use there small-time sales of software to make a living, have their stuff pirated thats not good in my opinion.

99% of the stuff that is pirated though seems to be from massive companies that make millions and regularly post at or above expected growth levels dispite claims that piracy is "rampant".


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53.10.2007 22:10

The corporations will not rest until everyone on the planet is monitored 24/7/365.

Greed has no boundaries.

Anyone remember the Y2K scare? Or acid rain? and now its global warming, "disappearing oceans" piracy that takes food from children's mouths!

/end world

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63.10.2007 22:15

hahahaha.. zucker.. that rhymes with *******

true colours??

73.10.2007 22:53

I think they need to be pointed in the direction of my sig, such a true quote.

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"This is how it works. Whatever you sink, we build back up. Whomever you sue, ten new pirates are recruited. Wherever you go, we are already ahead of you. You are the past and the forgotten, we are the internet and the future."-Brokep

83.10.2007 22:57

Originally posted by Andrew691:
I think they need to be pointed in the direction of my sig, such a true quote.
A damn good quote. :)

94.10.2007 4:28

It boils down to greed on the part of some very rich already people. It boils down to business refusing to think outside the box and adapt to the new world order wherein INTERNET is here to stay.

RIAA has this problem too, bunch of old school set in their way of making money, sitting comfortable and not wanting to change anything. Had they been younger they would seriously consdier instead of investing $$$ fighting the Internet, embrace it and make it a form of commerece for themselves.

104.10.2007 4:33

I don't condone piracy nor am I completely against it. I think it all boils down to individual responsibility. This is going to be an ongoing war...but to no avail!

114.10.2007 4:36

You can't stop the signal Mal!

124.10.2007 5:20

Ok they can do states but what about the rest of the world , just lower da prices so everybody starts buying legal stuff

134.10.2007 6:14

It would be nice if someone stood up and said "it can't be stopped" lets make a compromise. We all know that is going to happen anyway.

144.10.2007 6:32

The hypocrites that call themselves CEO's need to change their pig headed stance toward P2P and what they label as 'piracy'. Their greed for money has seriuosly clouded their common sense. They'll NEVER win the 'battle' unless they are willing to work together with the P2P community.

And I'm sure their kids NEVER download a torrent here and there.

154.10.2007 6:39

This whole piracy thing is called "KARMA"

What goes goes around, comes around.

The industry with their high overpricing, almost out of reach products are not properly priced for the average consumer. Society has made this a material world. We all want more stuff. The industry programmed us this way. We are YOUR result. The Industry is Greedy. The are NOT happy with great profits. They way OUTSTANDING profits - to grow more and more each year. These Huge Corporations exist because of US. They forgot that. We make them. We can break them.

Inflation and taxes are going much higher than our paychecks. The industry dangles all these products infront of the us and want to overcharge us. They don't need Millions of $$$ profit. When they realize when is when piracy will slow down...which is never, cause they will never realize this.

Its true...i think it is a war...however, the "Real" pirates are smarter than most corporations.

Your numbers are bogus. The Industry Lies. Full of Greedy Lies. Just use your brain for 10 seconds. This is a World Problem. If someone in Germany downlaods something they cannot even get in their own country, how can u add that up as LOST Income.

Most of these corporation leaders are no more than a shave down monkey pretending to be normal.

164.10.2007 7:36

A lot of what they want to do isnt related to piracy. Because most people that download stuff still buy it in the end. This goes for music/dvd's and games. Its funny they shouldnt have no control over something that is bought out right and you should have full control over your purchase to do as you please. Now in turn re-distributing copies for sale should be illegal but as far as making a copy of the item for person use or placing what you paid for in a ipod and so forth should be legal no matter what. They want consumers to pay for an item 20x over. NBC needs fall back and learn to change their strategy on the current market which the market points to internet/portable/streaming/networking. If they make their shows and movies affordable people will buy it if they add easy one time downloads of a file that people can use at home people will buy it. If they make it so you can network and stream your video/movie/tv downloads with out a hassle people will buy it. They need to come down to reality and stop trying force B$ restrictions on everything.

174.10.2007 7:42

Whats the big deal NBC.You can watch all the Prime time shows online for free on their websites anway.If you have a choice to just download it,why not.Plus if i miss my shows ill download a torrent in 720p HD instead of watching it on their crapy website.

Theirs a difference between Legal Piracy and illegal piracy.Legal piracy is for self purpose and nonprofit which i support..Illegal piracy is all for profit and don't support.

184.10.2007 7:53

I'll redouble my efforts so that Jeff Zucker loses his job :)

194.10.2007 8:04

Originally posted by Hrdrk20:
I'll redouble my efforts so that Jeff Zucker loses his job :)

204.10.2007 8:24

The U.S. economy lost 0$. The 58 billion that wasn't spent on crappy music/movies was spent on other things. Total loss, 0.

214.10.2007 9:35

Hes gonna turn out like bush, a war on terror... I mean piracy the weapon of mass.. I mean p2p software will be purged!! and progress is being made!

224.10.2007 11:43

Sony is the only company that continues to change copy protection on new dvd releases which fixes are found within hours, they place a copy protection music CD's which caused lots of problems to peoples pc's so it seems like Sony is the problem and not the cure. We beat Japan in WWII and now they have invaded our country making all of the money and the world and now they want more!

234.10.2007 11:44

Zucker has rectal-cranial inversion syndrome. There are plenty of coders who record TV shows of all kinds to upload as torrents. Why can't he see that there is a possibility to bypass the middlemen and use the talents of the coders to create a private torrent site that would only charge 99 cents for a full episode of a TV show and other downloaders would rewarded with points for seeding. I believe that all of the networks could make a decent and reasonable profit in this endeavor. However all bets are off if they insist on DRM (Digital Ripoff Management). Use either Divx or Xvid as the codec so videos could be viewed on any platform. Just my .04 (Inflation)

244.10.2007 12:40

I agree but it seems their goal is to take down all if not most of the torrent sites and replace them with crap sites that have controlled content. They would benefit royally if they would get off their asset and respond towards the new model of customer which are internet based people. To gear your business towards this or all facets of what the customers want and you square away all profits with out the dumb DRM/Write Protections and so forth. NBC needs to wake up and see all the failures of these other fools and stop being idiots they would see their isnt any gains in fighting a losing war.

254.10.2007 12:46

Zucker is a member of that group of elitists that make up the ruling class in the US. These are the same people who took control of the government by taking control of the money system through the Federal Reserve. They control ALL of the major media and use them as tools to brainwash the public and "teach" them what to think about everything. There is no limit to the greed and lust for money and power among these people. Mr. Zucker can go screw himself!

264.10.2007 14:32

They are not gonna get us.........Not gonna get us....Not gonna Gettt USSSSSSSS.......:D

274.10.2007 16:37

Hey Zucker, Your what, 41 yrs. old and already a multi-millionaire and head of one of the largest media companies in the world.

Instead of exerting negative energy at here-today, gone-tomorrow summits to pound your chest and make threats. Maybe you should take a lesson from Bill and Melinda Gates. Feed a kid. Help out a school. Send a military company a box of iPods.

You and those like you are despicable.

284.10.2007 16:55

Originally posted by BludRayne:
The U.S. economy lost 0$. The 58 billion that wasn't spent on crappy music/movies was spent on other things. Total loss, 0.

People who would have NEVER bought it anyway must be at least 50%.
25% would have bought and returned because it's such crap.
25% went to dinner, bought a shirt or a zillion other things to feed the economy.

I would also argue that piracy is a form of advertising for artists. How about a value of 15 billion for that one. See, because of piracy, the industry is up 15 billion dollars. Talk about a great business!

294.10.2007 17:39

Originally posted by deadlove:
hahahaha.. zucker.. that rhymes with *******

true colours??

his name rhymes w/motherfucker. i have just been reminded to go pir8 the hell out of some crappy nbc shows. *note to diatator ZUCKER* produce something worth buying & STFU!

305.10.2007 4:27

Well, everone knows the networks are run by the biggest @ss holes in the world! Now we get a nice quote from one. Too bad he doesn't live near me so I could leave him a token of my appreciation on his lawn!

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315.10.2007 4:41

Originally posted by windsong:
The corporations will not rest until everyone on the planet is monitored 24/7/365.
You may well be correct my friend .. !!

And if you are, all I can say is,"Thank goodness for leap years" .. ;)

Procode ..

325.10.2007 8:17

It's just more blinkered little 'King Canute' impressionists to dumb to realise they cannot control the net.

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335.10.2007 8:17

Originally posted by navi1199:
Hes gonna turn out like bush, a war on terror... I mean piracy the weapon of mass.. I mean p2p software will be purged!! and progress is being made!
LOL....WMD = Weapons of Mass Distribution...

345.10.2007 9:40

They're $58 billion short cause some folks downloaded some songs that they probably would not have otherwise purchased?

Here, I've got $8.47 in my bank account. Should I make it out to NBC or what?


355.10.2007 17:17

Wow! That's a lot of minimum-wage jobs lost. That's a lot of oil company profits never realized. It's absolutely tragic that money buys a customized version of "justice" in America.

365.10.2007 19:39

You can pretty much do what ever you want if you have enough money. At least you can get away with murder.

375.10.2007 19:41

In addition to my previous comment I recently discovered a good Australian series called McLeouds Daughters. I went to the website to see about episode downloads but since I live in the USA the paid downloads aren't available to me !!!!!!!! I agree with those who say that most of US television is crap. There are only a few shows like Jericho, and Friday Night Lights that are worth watching. CBS in its infinite stupidity cancelled Jericho and only brought it back as a mid season replacement in case one of its new shows craps the bed. 50 thousand pounds of peanuts sent to CBS also had something to do with its return. I can understand why CBS would cancel Jericho and keep that steaming cow chip called Two And A Half Men; !!!!RATINGS!!!!!. Hollywood insists on treating the US and the rest of the world like mushrooms; ie Feeding us BOVINE SCAFFOLOGY and keeping us all in the dark.

Just my .04 (Inflation)

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388.10.2007 3:30

P51ride, The networks are run by the biggest morons in the world! Their only skill is being able to convince the other morons in their business that they know what they are talking about.

Because they are such arrogant morons they 'know' the public is more stupid than they are. Therefore, they want to air only mindless trash. Except for news, I don't watch more than an hour or two of network TV a week.

398.10.2007 9:44

all the clowns in charge have forgotten what its like to work for a their multi-million coccoons tucked far away from the likes of you and me.Why dont we all refrain from buying anything film,video,music related for six months and then see if the plums take notice and stop whinging on about with your feet,or should that be your money.

408.10.2007 9:53

Anyone seen any new Jenna jameson movies?

418.10.2007 14:50

I haven't purchased any movies or music in the last year. I did subscribe to BMG music service 13 years ago but dropped them completely by 2003. Their single CD prices were at $17.98 - 19.98 plus $ 3.00 shipping for each CD. Even at a discount when you ordered more than one from their flyer you still ended up paying around $ 12.99 to 15.99 per disc. It got to be too expensive so I dropped them. I still get invites to join again but I just feed them to the shredder. I probably spent around $ 3,000 or more when I was a member. My heaviest music purchase time was when TNN was the Nashville Network and my favorite shows were Club Dance and The Statler Brothers Show. Club Dance played the well known as well as some unknown artists. Some artists were Jason D. Williams, Twister Alley, Brian Austin, Kentucky Headhunters, Brother Phelps and many more. Club Dance ran from 1991 to May 5, 1999 (Over 1500 shows). Its ratings on TNN were very good but when Viacom bought TNN from the Gaylord family ,who as far as I know owns the Grand Ole Opry, they proceeded to kill off anything that led to the networks success. They brought in ECW wrestling which didn't belong there and the rest is history. If I was a gambling man I would bet $100,000 that the Gaylord family regretted ever selling TNN to basically CBS.

As far as movies go I have gone to see two in the last 3 years. I purchased one new release last year. Other movies I have purchased are older releases like Run Silent, Run Deep with Clark Gable, Burt Lancaster and yes Don Rickles in a serious role. Other than that I don't spend money on movies or television shows unless I feel that they are worth it and most don't pass the smell test.

Just my .04 ( Inflation)

4210.10.2007 21:38

Good luck to them however i thought the war had already started i guess they are just anouncing it :P

4310.10.2007 21:55

Do any of the posters like jazz and/or big band music ? If you want to put a thumb in the eye of the RIAA there is a website that has free MP3 tracks at lower quality and Higher quality (192 kbps and up) for a twenty dollar donation. This donation helps pay for bandwidth. The songs there can be given away and/or burned to CD. Right now there is at least 20 audio CD's worth at this site. The band is The Airmen Of Note (U.S.A.F. band)

Some of the music at the site are songs arranged by the late Glenn Miller.

Just my $.04 (Inflation)

4413.10.2007 15:12

Here is another novel idea instead of pay per show download on P2P. How about paying $10.00 per month to your ISP for unlimited downloads of all television shows including those from other countries besides the U.S. This way the actors, producers, crew, writers, and directors get paid and the networks only have to collect the money. I for one would gladly pay that amount so the headhunters at MPAA and RIAA would leave us alone.

Please let me know what your opinion is about this proposal.

Just my $.04 (Inflation)

4513.10.2007 15:12

Double post deleted by user

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4623.10.2007 12:31

Originally posted by Cfusion:
Anyone seen any new Jenna jameson movies?

no, actually. What, is NBC hiring her to save their destined to fail Friday night lineup?

Speaking of Enn-Bee-See, i bought a few DVDs of Saturday Night Live from them in the past. I should box them up, address them to Mr. CEO c/o NBC, and send them back. In the box i will include a letter with the following:

Dear Mr. Zucker. I recently saw a report that stated you wanted an "all out war on piracy". Let me tell you, Sir, that I have not downloaded nor purchased a commercial DVD in approx. 3 years. Seeing that the recording/movie industry continues to loose sales from lack of useful artistic content, I believe you will continue your war based on sales figures alone. So let me say, without apology, that I have seen only 3-4 movies in the past 3 years that I would purchase. One of those comes from Universal. Universal was of course bought by NBC in the near past.

Due to your company's policy on attacking it's consumers, I will bypass purchase of that title and instead by the other 2-3 movies from your competitors. I will also never purchase, nor download, a product from your company in the future. Should I download, it would show your product is 'popular'. That would be a shame; I don't want to encourage anyone to think your company's products have any artistic merit nor use in general. Other than for cheap drink coasters.

Thank you for encouraging my purchase of <insert other company's product here> and for letting me know who is the consumer's friend.

'my name'

If about 10,000 people sent the same letter to NBC/Universal, I believe Zucker would be out of a job before too long. What say you? :)

non-relevant extra info: I worked for General Electric, parent company of NBC/Universal several years ago. Seeing as how they treat their non-management employees like COMPLETE GARBAGE, I wonder why I ever bought those DVDs in the first place!!
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if you're a college student, do NOT settle with the RIAA

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4724.10.2007 15:46

borhan9, I don't think it has started! It may start this year. All the cry-babies are lining the politicians pockets. Wait and see... There will be new insane laws where the the US will crack down on piracy no matter how much it costs. The will not care how many billions it will cost to try to improve the bottom line of the 'artists' (read lawyers) a few million. That is why I say insane. It will not make business sense. But what does a politician care about expenses as long as his re-election fund is full. One thing is for sure the public will foot the cost.

They are holding hearings as we speak. Some of the early poor artists can't afford health care. Of course that is because the rat-bastard lawyers paid them a flat 10 grand for the rights for a tune that they have made tens of millions on. Of course that is not enough. They would like to collect a dollar per person in the world per tune that they 'own'. Then they would cry fowl anyway.

I think a congressman from Mo-town is leading the charge. I would keep an eye on what is going on.

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