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YouTube finally has their anti-piracy tools in place

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 15 Oct 2007 22:26 User comments (8)

YouTube finally has their anti-piracy tools in place YouTube has finally rolled out its long awaited video fingerprinting technology, which the company believes will allow them to automatically find and remove illegally posted copyrighted content. The tools' launch comes as the viral video leader is embroiled in an assortment of lawsuits from individuals and organizations accusing the company of not being proactive enough in finding and removing infringing material.
Despite the lawsuits, however, YouTube's official position has always been that by removing offending content when informed by content owners they're already living up to their legal responsibility. Until this defense is tested in court, there's some question whether it will hold up to a legal challenge. The applicable portion of the DMCA was intended to protect hosting providers to ensure they're not liable for their customers' infringement.

Mike Fricklas, Viacom's general counsel, said "We are delighted that Google appears to be stepping up to its responsibility and end the practice of infringement." However, he didn't comment on what, if any, effect the move would have on the infringement suit Viacom has been pursuing against YouTube for several months.

The lawyer for two other parties suing YouTube indicated that it won't have any affect on his clients' suits, saying "It does nothing about the past and won't be enough to protect the future."

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8 user comments

116.10.2007 2:25


216.10.2007 8:34


Tuesday Morning Meeting: "Well after $250,000 worth of software upgrades we finally got it! Never again will will people post copyrighted material!"

Wednesday Morning meeting: "Well they figured out a way around it again."

316.10.2007 9:47

There will always be a way around it, but probably not for the average guy out there uploading the latest funny video. Youtube will just be another boring homemade video site with nothing cool on it. Thos guys that sold it to google made out good without having to deal with this copyright garbage.

416.10.2007 11:47

C.Y.A.--Cover Your A#$ Tool...

516.10.2007 12:39

Everyone should now go to youtube and post a message if they notice anything different in what is usually viewed.

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616.10.2007 13:48

here is the tool to remove all content submitted under fair use so all them political videos that are a constant subject to dmca take down notices can now be controlled!

719.10.2007 12:47

we'll see how that works.

823.10.2007 7:41

Well we have been wating for this for a long time the next question is how well will it work?

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