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Mininova hits 3 billionth download

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 03 Nov 2007 19:06 User comments (9)

Mininova hits 3 billionth download In just another sign that P2P file sharing is not going away anytime soon, the very popular torrent site Mininova has reached its 3 billionth download with hopes that it will reach 4 billion before the year is up.
Traffic tracking sites have shown that the site has 3 million daily visitors and over 10 million torrents are downloaded each day. The site continues to show tremendous growth since its launch three years ago.

Because there are legal loopholes that .torrent files nicely fit, sites such as Mininova continue to thrive. Such large companies as, eHarmony, and Howard Johnson hotels even have advertising on the site currently despite the blatant illegal file sharing that happens because of the site.


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9 user comments

13.11.2007 20:27

Free stuff? sweet deal...

24.11.2007 1:08

I like Mininova... it's a good site when Demonoid isn't there.

34.11.2007 9:05

But mininova is considered to be one the of the crappier trackers. And don't they record whose been dling what on their site? I'll stick to isohunt, lemme know when they hit 3 billion.

44.11.2007 9:16

mininova is my hood

55.11.2007 6:29

i have been using mininova for some like they said
above it crap i like to that good one.

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65.11.2007 11:08

I wonder what the 3 billionth download was?

I know I will do my part in helping Mininova reach 4 billion by the end of the year!

710.11.2007 20:02

thanx to axxo

818.11.2007 16:19

This is the torrent site to be at for whatever you want. I love this site and is part of my daily ritual to visit Ad, Mininova and Facebook these are my main three sites. Well done Mininova.

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