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Sony starts new, stackable, Blu-ray promotion

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 15 Nov 2007 18:31 User comments (5)

Sony starts new, stackable, Blu-ray promotion Sony has started a new promotion in which it is offering a free Blu-ray movie with the proof of purchase of two others.
The deal however, is not as good as it seems from the outside. First, Sony is only offering the free movie from a list of 12 and the other two movies you actually purchase must be from that same list. You may also not even get the free movie you like, as the rebate form asks for your top three picks. On top of that all, you must enclose $2.99 USD for shipping on each order.

The offer is good for disc purchases made between October 28 and December 15, 2007 and is stackable on other offers such as Amazon's "Buy One, Get One Free" sale on Sony discs, and DVD Empire's $17.95 Sony Blu-ray sale.

Here is the rebate form for those interested: Sony rebate form

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5 user comments

115.11.2007 21:35

Interesting, I like to see offers like this as it encourages the competition to do something similar or better. Sure the offer isn't what it initially appears to be but other than the DRM scheme found on both formats (other than HD DVD doesn't have BD+) offers like this help get the formats more and more noticeable to consumers.

It also helps encourage price drops which also help the public take notice of something new.'


215.11.2007 23:56

glad to see sony is starting to offer..something
is it just me or are they doing it..wrong? hmm
well its not like the hd dvd 5 free is perfect either, but its better..
hopefully this does encourage competition and hd dvd offers something similar =]

316.11.2007 1:42

Better yet, drop the price of stuff...

416.11.2007 8:29

what is this couple of bu**sh*t in sandwitch.
where is this term in consumer market "customer satisfaction" gone ?
i mean sony when you say it could be any movie we choose and not from list of movies you decide us to choose from .

clearly i don't like hd dvd but it least they know abc of "customer satisfaction" give the people what they want and not from something you choose. free and fair practice

everybody is confused in hd war, but it looks you sony are making it

59.12.2007 16:36

I thought this was supposed to give the consumer choice after all it does not seem to be the case.

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