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My Bloody Valentine to promote reunion with Web-only release

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 25 Nov 2007 18:58 User comments (12)

My Bloody Valentine to promote reunion with Web-only release The band My Bloody Valentine is planning to promote their upcoming reunion by releasing new material on the internet, bypassing the use of a music label.
"The plan is that they will release the album themselves via the Internet, but there will also probably be a vinyl release," the band's London-based manager, Vinita Joshi, said. He added that they don't have any plans to use the "pay what you want" model being used by Radiohead to promote their new album.

Although no official numbers have been released for the Radiohead downloads, at least one market analysis firm estimates the revenue has been less than what the band would have made in royalties per CD. Of course that doesn't take into account how many consumers downloading the album would also have purchased it.

"At the moment, all I can say is that Kevin is getting the band back together and they will go into the studio next month to work on the new record," Joshi said, referring to notoriously reclusive singer/guitarist and bandleader Kevin Shields.

Source: Reuters

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12 user comments

125.11.2007 19:57

With your powers combined, I AM CAPTAIN EMO-CRAP-MUSIC!

226.11.2007 17:28

>With your powers combined, I AM CAPTAIN EMO-CRAP-MUSIC!

What are you, 13? If you don't know what you're talking about, you should keep your goddamn stupid mouth shut. There's a reason that this is newsworthy, and it goes far beyond it being a web-only release.

326.11.2007 17:31

For future reference:

In 1999 Pitchfork Media declared Loveless to be the greatest album of the 1990s; in their 2003 revision of the list it moved only to number two, swapping places with Radiohead's OK Computer. Shields also has been described by Alan McGee as "a genius artist. A visionary.", while an NME review of Loveless declared, "...however decadent one might find the idea of elevating other human beings to deities, My Bloody Valentine, failings and all, deserve more than your respect."

In late 2006, Mike McGonigal, founder of Chemical Imbalance fanzine, wrote a book on Loveless for Continuum Books' 33 1/3 series.

426.11.2007 18:27

I personally could care less about emo music; to me it all sounds the same, but to each their own. This band is probably one of the better of the bunch, and I think it's great that their trying to bypass the record labels. The one thing that worries me though is that a lot of older dead/dying bands will try to lure people into buying their new albums even if they're crap. Just because I get to support a band and not a record label, isn't a good enough reason for me to buy the album. I'm sure there are plenty of die hard fans that will snatch this up the second its released. I used to do the same when one of my preferred bands released a new album, only to be let down.

526.11.2007 20:36

Originally posted by hikaricor:
With your powers combined, I AM CAPTAIN EMO-CRAP-MUSIC!
Obviously you have no clue as to what you're talking about if you think MBV is "emo", so go get musically educated then post something a little more mature than your curret middle-school mentality

626.11.2007 22:36

I think they're a horrible band.

Granted; it's just my opinion. I prefer REAL metal.

But kudos to the web-only release! :D

727.11.2007 18:34

You people are so easy to troll...

I'm glad I managed to hit my mark.

827.11.2007 23:06

Originally posted by hikaricor:
You people are so easy to troll...

I'm glad I managed to hit my mark.
Excellent reason for a ban.

928.11.2007 8:34

Not familiar with this band...they anything like Bullet for my Valentine? (I'm more into Slayer/Venom type stuff)...

1029.11.2007 5:02

Originally posted by hikaricor:
You people are so easy to troll...

I'm glad I managed to hit my mark.
Excellent reason for a ban.
In which case I could just sign up for another account... or even two...
An IP block wouldn't do much but piss off many east-coast time warner users, and even then all I have to do is connect to my proxy at the office or use Tor.

So.... either you all suck it up and accept that I managed to push your buttons, or smeg right off because I don't really care about your opinion anyway. ^_^

1120.12.2007 6:35

It looks like they are going to set prices and leave the label out too dry.

1220.12.2007 9:56

MBV were and will continue to be one of the finest musical acts to grace this earth. Not everyone's cup of tea , but please, why enter a thread with the sole intention of winding people up? It serves no purpose except for breaking the flow of correspondance of people who have a genuine interest in the topic.

As someone once said...if you've nothing decent to say , dont say anything at all.

Seasons greetings from Scotland

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