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Update: z4 sues Microsoft again

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 30 Nov 2007 12:14 User comments (4)

Update: z4 sues Microsoft again In an update to our article here, z4 has sued Microsoft again over what it calls "insufficient progress in complying with the terms of the ruling."
The small Michigan-based company says that Microsoft continues to infringe on the rights of its patents. z4 is again asking the courts to find Microsoft liable of patent infringement and is again looking for monetary damages.

"Microsoft's ongoing infringement of the z4 Patents is willful,"
z4 said in its complaint.


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4 user comments

130.11.2007 23:35

Yay :)

21.12.2007 8:44

The small Michigan-based company says that Microsoft continues to infringe on the rights of its patents

Not anymore! $160M can go a long way, not to mention the amount of publicity thy're getting right now.

31.12.2007 16:07

Vinny13 Yay :)
you may be rutting right now but i for see a lot of hassle on the consumer's end if they comply with this.

there are multiple ways they could go threw with activating windos

Apple's way you have to have your computer conected permently to activate it and after 30 days of network inactivity you have to hook it up to the network again.

the above is the same with a couple of paid Linux distro's.

and not only that this lawsuit is stupid. i could name software programes after software programes that use the same methode to identify wither the consumer has or has not paid for there software or not.

and by all means for MS to comply with this request means they would have to pull all there OSes with the problim off the market.

theyd loose more money to comply with this then the would not too.

any way for those with the software already installed it would require a advance low level patch to fix the problim, you could think of it as installing a new kernal on a linux machine while its running...

long story short plz dont yay at this... even though it says not too in the post rules.

421.12.2007 22:25

Part two of the story. I feel that we have not heard the last of this.

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