AfterDawn: Tech news not guilty in music piracy case

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 30 Dec 2007 18:58 User comments (5) not guilty in music piracy case It appears that a Beijing appeals court has ruled in favor of the Chinese search engine meaning the company is "not guilty of property rights infringement for posting links to websites offering illegal music downloads."
The ruling, released by state media today brings an end to the case which was brought forth by the Big 4, EMI, Sony BMG, Warner Music and Universal Music.

The search engine had been accused of facilitating unauthorized downloads. The labels had wanted an apology, suspension of those activities and the equivalent of $222,666 USD in monetary compensation.

The report offered no other details on the ruling, but we will keep you updated.


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5 user comments

11.1.2008 9:07

US-Chinese relations are strained at the moment anyway. I am not surprised that the Beijing Appeals Court ruled against the industry.

21.1.2008 9:41

The Chinese had told the U.S. once to keep our noses out of their business and worry about our own country. If that was an ancient proverb then that would be the greatest advice for the U.S. ever. We get our own selves into trouble causing problems like this. I am actually proud of China as a country regardless of it being communist. Their economy is actually skyrocketing with good reason. While we're to busy distracted elsewhere that country is rebuilding itself in a major way. China knows it doesn't have a need for the Big 4.

31.1.2008 15:06

Originally posted by Kerpalguy:
US-Chinese relations are strained at the moment anyway. I am not surprised that the Beijing Appeals Court ruled against the industry.
Spain has also ruled that linking to torrents is not against the law! If a search engine is liable then google, yahoo and microsoft to name just a few are all guilty of the same crime!

Originally posted by above link:
Spanish court decides linking to P2P downloads is legal

19 October 2007 13:16 by Matti "Siggy" Vähäkainu | 7 comments
American government at the control of lawyers, big business and the privately owned and ran central bank, (federal reserve) is not the police of the world and they need to learn that fact.

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41.1.2008 15:23

I just think its funny how companies along with politicians think they can own and regulate the internet itself. I remember the internet being a place of privacy and freedom. Aren't there other more important cyber crimes to be looking into like child pediphelia, or stolen identities etc. instead of making false accusations just to get a quick buck.

52.1.2008 21:40

Give it too the man i like hearing news like this. This way it really is not the search engines fault. Get the sites not the engines.

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