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Philips to introduce world's largest multi-touch LCD

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 31 Dec 2007 17:40 User comments (3)

Philips to introduce world's largest  multi-touch LCD LG.Philips LCD has announced they will be introducing th world's largest multi-touch LCD at the upcoming CES event. The screen, at 52 inches, is 5 inches largest than the next biggest in the category.
Multi-touch screens are different from conventional LCD screens in that they "allow input from more than one spot on the screen" just as the very popular Apple iPhone and iTouch do.

The new display will use an infrared image sensor to gauge input from fingers or other input instruments and can recognize the movement of fingers.

Additionally, the display supports full 1080p HD, a 1920x1080 Resolution.


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3 user comments

12.1.2008 11:04

I would definitely like one of these (at a reasonable price though).

My PC is the center of my home theatre system. I designed that over 7 years ago and how cool would that be to get up and touch the screen for Windows media player or PowerDVD. F'en-A that would be cool.

Not gonna happen with the outrageous price I'm sure.

22.1.2008 21:50

The only question i have in all this would be how much this product would cost me. I gather its a really nice product but it will be a bit too expensive.

33.1.2008 16:35

not dissing you philips but there were 4 major lables sometime ago that made this touschscreen tv a nice touch to a pointless device

nobody is going to touch there tv. why would you the screen is soft. its a pain in the neck to clean finger prints off. and i dont see the avarage fat joe getting off there sofa to change the channle by touching the tv. sorry. just my two cents. the older tv's of htis type had heat issue if the tv got two hot the toucth sensors would read it as a button being press on the tv

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