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Album sales drop again, digital tracks surge

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Jan 2008 18:20 User comments (6)

Album sales drop again, digital tracks surge The AP has reported that 2007 saw another large decline in albums sales, further illustrating that CDs are no longer the top choice for music distribution.
For the year, 500.5 million "physical copies" were sold including CDs, cassettes and LPs, a 15 percent drop from the unit total of 2006.

There is however, a catch to that number. The industry counts every single digital track sold as 1/10th of an album so the 844.2 million single tracks sold in 2007 helps adjust the sales decrease to 9.5 percent, still a hefty number, but not as terrible.

Overall music sales, however, increased again on the back of continued growth of digital tracks, which increased 45 percent year-on-year. For the year, overall music sales grew 14 percent to 1.35 billion units.

The top selling album of 2007 was Josh Groban's christmas album "Nol," which sold an unremarkable 3.7 million units.


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6 user comments

16.1.2008 2:31

Noe'l im sorry i missed it sounds like a great album. not

26.1.2008 3:18

If the album sucks except for a couple tracks then why do I want to pay for the whole album when I have the choice to purchase the single tracks that I like. Gone are the days where the consumer is forced to buy a garbage cd from a crappy artist or one hit wonder. Get over it.!

36.1.2008 6:16

Mainstream music basically sucks ass these days, so I'm not surprised. And like Sazaziel pointed out eariler, people can now buy only few tracks they want, instead of being forced to buy the whole cd.

46.1.2008 13:17

whatever happened to the days where all of the tracks on an album were good, i want those days, almost all new music sucks.


56.1.2008 23:09

So why is the RIAA yapping so much? Your making a massive fortune and let you beg for more.

69.1.2008 0:12

Not exactly a surprise in my book everything is going the digital way. DVD's are going that way and people like to be in control of their music.

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