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Pioneer to show off plasma technology at CES

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 06 Jan 2008 18:28 User comments (6)

Pioneer to show off plasma technology at CES Despite recent consumer trends that have pushed HDTV manufacturers like Panasonic to all but abandon plasma technology in favor of LCD, Pioneer is determined to stay the course. Today the company announced plans to for a new prototype Plasma display they will be showing off at this week's CES show with improved black and contrast levels.
One criticism of every technology that's followed CRT (used for almost all analog TVs) is in the area of reproducing blacks. Although plasma displays were already capable of more accurate reproduction of blacks than LCDs, even the most expensive models haven't been able to match CRT technology in this regard. Russ Johnson of Pioneer says this new prototype doesn't emit any light at all in black areas, which would mark an improvement over even the most expensive plasma HDTVs being sold now.

"There's so much Noise getting around about all these technologies, we thought it was important to show what (plasma) displays can do today," said Johnston. He also noted that the technology isn't quite ready to be used in an actual product that will be available this year. "It's close, but not that close," he said in an interview.

Source: Associated Press

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6 user comments

16.1.2008 19:27

Oh great, and how much is THIS gonna cost us????

I'll stick with my projection hdtv. Yea, the black levels arent the best, but i never notice it on videogames, just tv and some dvds. Go figure.

26.1.2008 19:42

Despite recent consumer trends that have pushed HDTV manufacturers like Panasonic to all but abandon plasma technology in favor of LCD
Panasonic isn't abandoning plasma just yet. They just unveiled their new line of plasmas at CES 2008 today. They will be hitting the stores this spring:

Pioneer's new Kuro plasma is thinner than an iPhone:
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36.1.2008 20:36

So why would anyone buy one of this year's Panasonic plasma HDs if their own company will have new technology by next year. I have an LCD and it's black enough for me. There never was anything wrong with old analog CRTs-besides size. The industry was stagnant and needed a whole new system to lead all of us to the "sheeple trough"; so they could extract more of our money. Built in obsolescence is the new model for all electronics.

46.1.2008 20:57

This is good news.
This just means that the HDTV's out on the market now are going to go for next to nothing, and I see nothing wrong with these HDTV's on the shelf right now.

So Sharp, Pioneer, Samsung, and everyone else, keep it coming with these ultra-slim-free-HD-self-mountable-ps3&360-built-in HDTV's !

59.1.2008 1:21

Cost is one thing but i feel that the heat that this would generate will be still too hot. They need to work on that not just working on the light force but rater the heat that the light generates. More like increase fans or something like that.

618.2.2009 20:31

I dont suppose they will be releasing any new models now that they are pulling out of the Plasma TV market

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