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CES 2008: Rhapsody and Philips to team up

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 07 Jan 2008 17:08 User comments (2)

CES 2008: Rhapsody and Philips to team up In a deal unveiled at CES, Rhapsody, the joint venture between RealNetworks and MTV, and the large electronics manufacturer Philips will be teaming up to reach out to the international market.
The deal will mean Rhapsody will be the online subscription of choice on all upcoming Philips media devices.

The market for MP3 devices is still very young so the deal has some potential to help Philips and Rhapsody grasp some market share. But I wouldn't bet on it. As of Q2 2007, Apple still controlled 74 percent of the market while SanDisk, Creative and Microsoft combined for another 16 percent. The last 10 percent is owned by many companies with each controlling less than 2 percent share.


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2 user comments

17.1.2008 18:08

Wow you'd think Rio would be one of the top sellers since they invented the damn things :P

My first MP3 was a Rio, and boy was it tough :)

Now I have a 30GB video thats pissn me off because I'm running out of space and I can't run with it because of the stupid HDD... I can't wait until they make like 80GB flash media or whatever... 80GB Nanos. That's a seller :)

29.1.2008 6:46

see this is all well and good however i think that if a devices comes out and im sure there are already devices out there that can be softwareless more like drag and rop files across the devices that is just plug and play this would get the numbers from the consumers.

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