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RITEK shows disc with BD-R and HD DVD-R on either side

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 12 Jan 2008 20:18 User comments (5)

RITEK shows disc with BD-R and HD DVD-R on either side RITEK was showing off several of its new innovative products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this week. Among the new products was a disc that contained BD-R on one side, and HD DVD-R on the other, allowing you to record to both next-generation formats on a single disc. A high price for such a disc is to be expected but unfortunately RITEK did not shed any light on how much this disc would cost.
As for availability, the discs are expected to be available in the near-future. After Warner Bros. decision to drop the HD DVD format completely for the Sony-backed Blu-ray rival, a move that was then mirrored by other studios, some whispers of the end of the format war have been spreading.

So far however, HD DVD has not lost its support from Paramount, DreamWorks or Universal as rumored. Aside from RITEK's dual disc, the company currently offers 2X dual-layer HD DVD writable discs and expects to offer 2X HD DVD-RW DL discs by Q2 2008. RITEK also offers 4X BD-R media.

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5 user comments

113.1.2008 6:24

Cool now if only the MPAA DRM advocates (Sony, Fox & Disney) would allow all studios to release films on both formats and allow the consumer to decide!

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213.1.2008 7:12

and could the studios of not done this in the first place and there would have not been a format war,or was that all down to sony because the lower price of hd would have outsold blu,

313.1.2008 12:34

This disc must be super thick!

414.1.2008 13:55

and super expensive

526.1.2008 5:58

Well done Ritek this is the right way to go. I want one of these discs however i have a feeling this will cost a bit to purchase.

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