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Nintendo DS sales hit one million in Australia

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 30 Jan 2008 16:35 User comments (3)

Nintendo DS sales hit one million in Australia Following the announcement of impressive sales in Japan for its very popular DS handheld, Nintendo Australia has announced that the DS has sold one million units in the country, citing data from the data research company GfK.
The DS sold 509,869 units in 2007, slightly more than was sold in 2006. The sales were boosted by a December surge in which 133,691 units were sold.

The company also reported that the Wii console saw strong sales as well, following similar announcements in Japan and Europe. In the 58 weeks since launch the Wii had moved 300,000 units said the company, matching the last reported sales figures for the Microsoft Xbox 360 which has been out much longer.

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3 user comments

131.1.2008 3:19

Now would this have anything to do with the R4, and with the wii recently being compromised via a software hack will the same happen to that?

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eek sry was just showing ppl what an r4 was, here is a better link:

once you can use your music and movie collection via the r4 its time to use scumm read up ppl its a great little bit of code.

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231.1.2008 11:34

I'm sure that devices such as the R4 and M3 have a negative impact on the number of games being sold. However, I also think that these same devices will lead people to buy a DS that normally wouldn't. In the end, what may result in lower game sales may lead to higher hardware sales. I guess someone will have to do an official study. Just remember that those that only buy a DS because of the R4, M3, etc... wouldn't have bought games anyway.

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321.2.2008 16:08

These are impresive numbers for Australia but i have a feeling Australia will have bigger numbers for ps3 and and xbox 360 because Australian gamers in my book are more high end hardcore gamers and prefer top end gaming.

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