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Hulu to offer Super Bowl commercials the following Monday

Written by Rich Fiscus @ 02 Feb 2008 2:03 User comments (2)

Hulu to offer Super Bowl commercials the following Monday

With the Super Bowl coming up in less than a week,a number of people are making plans to watch just to see the entertainment during commercial breaks. Every year the commercials are nearly an event to themselves, with each sponsor trying to attract enough attention to be the center of attention around the water cooler Monday morning.
So what if you don't care about the game and can't be bothered to sit through it hoping to see the next legendary ad? You could record it on your DVR and skip from one commercial break to the next, or you could just wait until Monday and watch them on Hulu, where every one be posted to the company's official blog.

Although Hulu is currently in private beta, the blog can be read by anyone stopping by, making the commercial replays available to the public as well. If a new advertising legend, like Apple's now famous 1984 introduction for the Mac, is born during this year's big game it could be Hulu's big chance to enter the public consciousness.

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2 user comments

14.2.2008 16:42

Well, since there was a commercial advertising for watching the ads, I don't think Hulu is going to get much traffic.

222.2.2008 18:59

Why dont people people just view it on youtube instead of this.

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