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BBC adds Firefox support to the iPlayer

Written by Rich Fiscus @ 02 Feb 2008 2:35 User comments (3)

BBC adds Firefox support to the iPlayer The BBC has finally gotten their iPlayer to work with software not developed byMicrosoft. It's not a competitor's operating system, however, but rather the Firefox web browser. So while the BBC's video download service, intended to act as a sort of free DVR for people paying the licence fee that keeps the network on the air, no longer requires Internet Explorer, it does still need Windows for its DRM.
While this may not sound like an important enough milestone to get too worked up over, based on statements from Anthony Rose, who took over responsibility for the iPlayer's development in September, "It's good because it's the first real non-Microsoft thing we've been able to do with the download iPlayer."

He also indicates that the long wait for Firefox support isn't actually the BBC's fault. According to Rose the problem was the client provided by Verisign, and the BBC was forced to write their own client from scratch to make it work.

While there's no indication that BBC has made any real progress toward a truly platform agnostic solution that will work on Apple and Linux operating systems, it may not really matter that much to the public. The Flash based Streaming alternative has actually proven more popular with the general public, reportedly by a factor of 8:1.

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3 user comments

12.2.2008 14:02

This should be good enough. Almost everyone uses windows. If you use Linux, you likely dual boot with the other thing being some form of Windows. If you have a Mac, you're used to paying premium pricing and throwing money down the drain so buying a copy of Vista for Bootcamp should have about the same affect on your finances as me buying a $4.49 meal @ McDonalds.

22.2.2008 14:06

No I will not pay for windows to access a service I am forced to pay for..

The BBC can go to hell with their lock in DRM media application. It is breaking the public broadcasting service charter that they rely on.. They are a compulsorily public funded body.. It should be platform independent or not at all.. a$$hats!!

322.2.2008 19:01

So all this is, is a firefox upgrade or compatibility fix.

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