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Nokia begins open beta test for N-Gage

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 08 Feb 2008 22:19 User comments (8)

Nokia begins open beta test for N-Gage According to the Nokia N-Gage website, users of the N81 mobile phone are now able to download the oft-delayed N-Gage mobile games platform as an open beta test.
The platform will allow mobile gamers to link up for multiplayer games and social elements in the same way Xbox Live does for Xbox 360 users.

The company says they are in the final stage before "full-scale deployment" and that the stage means increasing the user base.

For the beta, only the N81 and N 81 8GB are supported, as long as they are connected via service plans that support GPRS or have an accessible Wi-Fi connection. The company did note that the Chinese model of the phone is incompatible.

The games available now during the beta test are: Creatures of the Deep, Space Impact: Kappa Base, Block Breaker Deluxe and System Rush Evolution. 13 more titles will be released after full launch including FIFA 08, Brothers in Arms and The Sims: Pets.

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8 user comments

19.2.2008 1:07

Some day...

29.2.2008 1:13

Nintendo should just make a Nintendo DS phone and put an end to this N-Gage crap.

Its a phone. Its a portable gaming system. It sucks. Get over it.

39.2.2008 2:51

Dude, I remember when some bonehead from Nokia said the Nintendo GameBoy is for 10 year olds, and looks whose arse got kicked hahaha. I've heard the first N-Gage wasn't that good...

PSP just got Skype, and I know the PSP is not a phone, but at least you can buy the PSP for $200 dollars without signing your name to a binding contract and plan.

49.2.2008 8:46

The first N-Gage was made of fail because of horendous graphics, the game selection, and button setup. Unless those things change the failing won't.

59.2.2008 12:05

the graphics just won'r make it up unless they put in a umd module it would be a Go

610.2.2008 0:40

I remember when I was in Seattle, WA for Wrestlmania back in 2003 I think it was, they had a few N-Gage booths there and didn't get a chance to play the Splinter cell demo. From the videos, it looked like an upgraded cell phone game...

725.2.2008 20:14

I dont even know why nokia keeps trying with the n gage. it has failed in the past and it will fail now. It is a bad phone with bad graphics, that is as simple as it can be.

83.4.2008 18:32

I like nokia phones but gams not my thing on phones excdept when it comes to snake :)

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