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YouTube leads record month for online video

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 13 Feb 2008 23:44 User comments (9)

YouTube leads record month for online video Analysts at comScore believe the Hollywood writer's strike may have already had a measurable affect on viewers. In their report covering online video viewing for December of 2007. According to the organization's monthly report, "nearly 141 million Americans viewed online video in December."
“December represented a considerably strong month for online video viewing,” said Erin Hunter, comScore executive vice president of media and entertainment. “With the writer’s strike keeping new TV episodes from reaching the airwaves, viewers have been seeking alternatives for fresh content. It appears that online video is stepping in to help fill that void.”

As usual, the news was better for YouTube, and parent company Google than for any other site. In fact it's fair to say that due to YouTube, Google is more popular for online video than any ten competing services. In December the search juggernaut continued their dominance, being responsible for delivering nearly a third of all online video to an audience encompassing an estimated 43% of all internet users in the U.S.

The next closest service, Fox Interactive (owner of MySpace), was responsible for less than 4% of all video, delivered to an audience comprising less than a quarter of U.S. internet users.

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9 user comments

114.2.2008 2:51

I wouldn't say this is due to writer's strike. Probably just natural growth. There is a lot of room for video via IP still today.

214.2.2008 6:39

or everyone is watching programmes on youtube...

314.2.2008 12:39

You can't watch programs on youtube. Crappywrite laws and takedown notices. I agree that it's just natural growth. Every industry wants to find that statistic that either gets them out of trouble or makes them look good.

"The writers strike is driving video game sales"
"The writers strike is boosting sales for Barnes and Noble"
"Little League enrollment has increased......because of the writers strike"
"Childrens grades have increased 20% because of the writers strike"

414.2.2008 16:16

I'm watching it on my lunch at school a lot now... Lmao everyone should search up "people getting hurt"! Funniest crap ever!

515.2.2008 13:39

Originally posted by vinny13:
I'm watching it on my lunch at school a lot now... Lmao everyone should search up "people getting hurt"! Funniest crap ever!
this i don't understand... why is it funniest crap ever to see someone getting hurt? If the video segment is filmed vicariously, then it's conceivable that there could be a chuckle here and there. Otherwise, other than some educational values (i.e. learn from mistakes), it's morbid to laugh at those videos...
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69.4.2008 1:20

youtube is going to lead either way its the best onlive video straming site so far and it is the best alternative to TV.

79.4.2008 1:30

Actually no.. youtube beggars belief.. it's full of crap and illegal content. Sopcasts are the future.
I don't understand how people can watch such low definition badly produced rubbish day in day out. Jumpy home movies and people being attacked, cruelty to animals.. everything any sicko wants to put up to try to get famous..

Waste of bandwidth, and an encouragement for scumbags to behave in worse and worse ways. This is the kind of s-it I'm talking about..
done for fun and fame.. They should be stood against a wall and ritually humiliated before being beaten the crap out of by a gang of people with bats and scarred for life.. and then that could be posted on this nasty site as well.. just for fun and fame of course..

The sooner people get wize to this horrible site and the hateful people who exploit it the better the world will be. I would support my isp if they blocked youtube (and I don't often support isp's blocking sites)

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