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Borders to add Digital Centers to stores

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 14 Feb 2008 22:36 User comments (10)

Borders to add Digital Centers to stores Brick and mortar retailer Borders is hoping to be competitive with online stores like by introducing a new type of store designed to appeal to consumers accustomed to getting what they want when they want it. In addition to the standard assortment of books, CDs, DVDs, and other traditional media, the stores will feature a Digital Center.
The Digital Center will be a place for customers to download eBooks and audiobooks and create and burn custom CDs. Additional features like self-publishing and family tree research will also be possible from the stores' Digital Centers.

Phil Leigh, senior analyst with Inside Digital Media, told TechNewsWorld "Things like this have been tried before and haven't worked largely because people get impatient for the CD to download, because you have to wait for others to get out of the way and wait for the machine to burn it." He added "The longer the line, the worse it is. We'll have to see if they've effectively dealt with that. But I applaud their efforts to take these steps to adapt the terrestrial retail environment to the digital realities of today."

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10 user comments

115.2.2008 8:46

Consumers are, in a very broad generalization, lazy.

The Digital Center will be a place for customers to download eBooks and audiobooks and create and burn custom CDs.
All stuff that can be done at home in one's bathrobe.

I don't see this bringing the revenue they're hoping for.

215.2.2008 10:24

This sounds convenient. However, not everyone possesses the computer know-how to download these eBooks and audio books, let alone burn them on a CD/DVD. I foresee this as a flop.

315.2.2008 12:22

Forget Amazon. They should focus on being competitive with Barnes and Noble. Leave the digital stuff to sites like Amazon, that are made to work like that out of the box. These Brick & Mortar stores try too hard to break into this new area that they have no eperience in. I can understand Blockbuster Vs Netflix. Netflix is a threat to Blockbusters existence, and Blockbusters online presence was simply reactive and a way to survive. But how is Amazon a threat to Borders? Swim with the Stingrays, and your bound to get a barb in the chest.

415.2.2008 13:29

I foresee this as a flop too............A MAJOR F'ing FLOP. Hey.......the advent of the internet was just tits! Now it's even better with the interactivity but this is just another lame brain idea to keep people from going outside their homes and socializing with one another.

What's next........

"Online virtual babysitters"??

"Now you can download a 'virtual camera' and software that will watch after your kids for you while you're out for the night and even call your cell when your kids put themselves in the oven at 350 degrees for 2 hours and 20 minutes.


516.2.2008 0:08

Consumers are, in a very broad generalization, lazy.
I'd go one further and say they're complete morons. 80% of them.

Usenet? Never heard of it.

Emule? Too Difficult.

DC++? Need a Ph.D.


616.2.2008 11:24

I'd go one further and say they're complete morons. 80% of them.

And i, working with the public on a constant basis, would be forced to agree.

716.2.2008 11:34

Only 80% ? little generous there ;)

816.2.2008 11:36

Benefit of the doubt, you know. :P

918.2.2008 17:14

I would agree and go a little further to say:
1) The public, and not just consumers, are lazy
2) Whatever the percentage of stupid people, laziness is probably just as much to blame for the inability to figure things out.
3) Now that people are growing up with computers, this paradigm will improve.
4) The laziness factor will shift towards the provider. e.g. People who are comfortable with the technology, want it now, but not driving into town to get it.

Personally speaking I want the physical item.
1) If it's music or a book. I can resell it, or donate it when I'm done.
2) Sometimes I want to curl up with a book, and not sit with a laptop.
3) My current practice: Go to boarders, get a coffee, find just the right book, and buy it used on Amazon for 25% of retail.

109.4.2008 1:41

Borders have a lot of catching up to do if they want to keep up with amazon and websites like that.

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