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Clarification to British copyright proposal

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 23 Feb 2008 3:45 User comments (4)

Clarification to British copyright proposal It turns out the British government isn't actually considering a three-strikes plan for dealing with internet pirates. According to Andy Burnham, culture secretary, suggestions to force ISP disconnection of repeat copyright violators was never in the proposal. But don't start thinking British ISPs are off the hook for their customers' piracy though. The actual recommendation before Parliament suggests a deadline of April, 2009 before the government would step in if a significant decrease in online piracy in the country hasn't been realized.
For the same reason British ISPs are saying they can't comply with the government's request though, it will be problematic at best to write legislation that would allow ISPs to inspect all the packets going to and coming from customers because of the European Union's strict copyright laws. In fact, despite lawmakers' assertions that such legislation will certainly come if they don't feel ISPs are doing their jobs, the people who would be responsible for writing it don't even seem convinced it can be done. They cite “difficult legal issues” as the problem.

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4 user comments

123.2.2008 7:51

inspect all packets eh, every email, every instant message, every web page visited, every post on a forum logged, and with the UK's data retention laws, it all must be kept up to two years and why is this well because of the 7/7 london bombs. be afraid ppl the terrorists are coming to get you, they will steal your woman in the night.

the one thing that ppl are overlooking in this debacle is that BITTORRENT clients have encryption that masks all p2p transfers.

even the RIAA/MPAA have admitted that any ISP filtering is pointless due to this encryption, so why are governments pushing for deep packet inspection exactly when it does not combat p2p downloads?

Here is a video of Cary Sherman, President of the RIAA, speaking about proposed network filters that search for copyright violations. Proposes to put spyware on users computers as its the only way to combat encryption, because deep packet inspection does NOT work on encrypted traffic especially if its inside an encrypted zip/rar file with a none descriptive title.

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210.4.2008 16:46

This has a headache written all over it. Is it really all worth it :)

310.4.2008 21:05

Worse than a headache, it has totalittarianism written on it.

410.4.2008 21:25

Big Brother Britain.. less free than China.. that's the reality. More cctv cameras in Manchester than the whole of the USA!!

Already wise to this one people.. That's why we have all started STEALING our internet from secure or unsecured wifi that is floating around.

Yeah.. their laws will turn us ALL into criminals.

When the state criminalizes the whole population, by accusation if nothing else.. then the question arises "Who are the criminals"?

We NEED to stop these fascists NOW!! If that means massive civil disobedience or joining with the islamic terrorists then so be it. I'm sure we can find enough common ground with those who hate our state.. because the common people (the unrepresented downtrodden majority) can probably find enough common ground with an enemy against our so called "elected representatives (they certainly ain't representing or protecting me!!) to make their fat cat lives very miserable very quickly. That's right.. I'm advocating violent uprising if needed.
They never stopped the home grown terrorists in Ulster.. they just decided that talking was more effective than bombing. A couple of well placed devices would shake the brainwashed people in this complacent society out of their stupor.. and they need shaking!!!

Anyway.. BT have been caught running illegal wiretapping by spying on the websites people visit.. It's going to blow up in their faces... while the rest of us go underground and hide from the thought police.
They think subversive things are happening now.. wait for the undernet!

and the important one... where we find out that we have ALL been lied to...

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