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AfterDawn expands to Sweden

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 26 Feb 2008 7:40 User comments (8)

AfterDawn expands to Sweden is one of those websites that has been multilingual right from the very beginning of the site. Since when our site was launched back in 1999, there has always been two editions available -- one in English and one in Finnish. Now, a third language edition is finally available -- Swedish version of went "live" today.
The Swedish edition is rather limited for now -- we decided to focus our translation efforts on handful of site areas first and see whether there's enough interest to extend the localized offering to news and guides. So, the "mini AfterDawn" available in Swedish now consists software downloads, product comparison engine and discussion forums.

Swedish AfterDawn is still very strongly in its "beta" phase and is bound to have translation errors, missing translations and even some bugs. Thus, if you're interested to help and speak Swedish fluently, please submit all bug reports and translation corrections to us.

I'd like to thank all of our users who have participated to the translation project -- Helmer, okse and many others have contributed enormous amount of their time and dedication to the project. Lets hope our Swedish users (we have almost 10,000 Swedish members on our English site) "find" the site.

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8 user comments

126.2.2008 9:20

Congratulations on your new site. Your site has helped me immensely in my audio/video encoding endeavors. Keep up the good work.

226.2.2008 14:00

Since when did Finns and Swedes get on? Nice work you lot.

326.2.2008 16:00

That's very good! Expanding only means improvement. Not that we need improvement though. But still, great job AD and congrats to a new language!

426.2.2008 22:53

Congradulations!! Afterdawn well Done..

527.2.2008 8:14

I though Swedish laws prohibit a website like this that discusses burning dvds etc and having software that will do the job as well as user guides?

628.2.2008 16:57

Good work!

728.2.2008 17:04

Congrats AD! We love you!

819.4.2008 20:13

Great word dRD. Afterdawn is moving from strength to strength.

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