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DivX to shut down Stage6 service at month's end

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 26 Feb 2008 1:29 User comments (19)

DivX to shut down Stage6 service at month's end DivX, Inc., developers of the MPEG-4 ASP Codec of the same name, have announced they'll be shutting down their Stage6 video sharing service and website. Despite its popularity, or more perhaps more accurately because of it, DivX has been unable to develop a business model capable of turning a profit. As of February 28 it will cease operation.
Unlike sites such as YouTube and its clones, Stage6 was intended to provide high quality video, and it even includes a download feature that allows you to save videos to your hard drive for viewing later. However, that quality comes at no small cost in Bandwidth or manpower. After trying unsuccessfully to find a way to spin-off Stage6 as an independent business, and lacking an interested buyer, The decision was made to shut the service down.

In a message on the Stage6 website, a DivX representative summed it up, saying "the continued operation of Stage6 is a very expensive enterprise that requires an enormous amount of attention and resources that we are not in a position to continue to provide. There are a lot of other details involved, but at the end of the day its really as simple as that."

The uploading feature has already been shut off. You'll be able to view and download videos until the end of the month.

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19 user comments

126.2.2008 1:51

NOOOO, this is not cool. I go to stage6 to get my divx videos for my ps3. I love their high quality videos. Ahh man this sure does suck.

226.2.2008 2:16

This is sad. They had quality films, and brought DivX to the front lines. I really think that Stage6 members would have gladly paid to keep Stage6 going. I think something underlies their closing.

326.2.2008 9:07

2 bad, i was just starting to like the site after i had learned 2 navigate it better.

426.2.2008 9:30

I too use this site for my PS3. I get many indie documentaries and things you can't find in other places there. Many other sites I use to download divx films link back to this one as a source... does anyone know of another site that shares divx files? I know is a good one... but I have a feeling they use Stage6 for many of their available films.

526.2.2008 10:43

This sucks. I used to watch my favorite anime on there. I need to now figure out what sites have all my shows and pick up from there. I hope they reconsider this and keep it up for all the people who support it.

626.2.2008 10:58

how does the submit news thing work? i submitted this story yesterday.

726.2.2008 11:53

what?? where else am i going to get direct link movie downloads?


besides that quality on stage 6 is amazing , i would pay for it , i hope divx tech remains active, is the best video format

826.2.2008 12:26


It will be missed. I will never forget the experience and the great quality videos.

926.2.2008 16:03

I've never actually used the service but I heard many good things about it. It's too bad that it will be going away before I can even truly try it. I just hope the codec doesn't die either, but I doubt it will.

1026.2.2008 19:53

Not cool. Not cool. What a shame. Only wish I had learned about it sooner.

1126.2.2008 21:13



1226.2.2008 21:44

RIP stage6, you were one of the great ones. You will be miss.

1327.2.2008 14:20

this sucks i loved that site

1427.2.2008 20:39

I have been looking for alternatives to the HUGE DIVX FORCE that was Stage 6. There are MANY people working on this issue and because it was a source of 80-90% of my entertainment I have been following THIS forum:

There seem to be a bunch of people who know what they are doing and they have made considerable progress. If you are a fan of DIVX at all please pay attention to this thread. I have already found some "work-around" solutions to Stage 6 that work great from this forum. It will all depend on what you are using Stage 6 for exactly..

I use my PS3 to store many of my divx films as it helps save space on the PC and is already connected to the 42" LCD. I know that if ANYONE has the expertise to fix the Stage 6 issue its the people from THIS site and if we can work together to create an alternative that will let me download directly from my PS3 web browser the way Stage 6 did I will whole again.



1529.2.2008 0:26

PORQUE!?!? man, i really loved that website, unlimited length videos, free downloads, high quality...everything youtube was missing. if only they got more popular divx could have dominated. stage6 had lots of potential.

R.I.P Stage6.

161.3.2008 6:18

It will be missed by me and by others, and I think it should never have been closed down though I undertsand why. Howeverm, this now opens a gateway for a number of other people who maybe want to expand their business or open a new high-quality video site, and it may even be better than Stage6!
Youtube is a lot of crap imo; low-quality video streaming which allows only a limited time of which (10 min.s I think?!) So I'll definitely be happy if what I stated in my last paragraph actually is truth rtaher than a theory.
Thanks everyone,

171.3.2008 8:48

Dam wot a bummer!It was a brilliant site for its Non Anglo music clips
It's named redirected successor Veoh, video compression quality is not always quite as good, (probably due to the clip poster)

Sites like are also going to be whacked hard too, as they recycle stage6 links

I'll really miss Stage6 Think we should hold a wake!

181.3.2008 9:12

some more low down on the shut down

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1919.4.2008 20:09

It's a sad day when divx has to close a part of their business. R.I.P Stage 6.

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