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Apple releases iPhone / iPod Touch SDK

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 07 Mar 2008 4:52 User comments (3)

Apple releases iPhone / iPod Touch SDK On Thursday Steve Jobs officially unveiled the SDK (Software Development Kit) that will be released for writing software to work with Apple's iPhone and various iPod Touch models. During his presentation at the company's Cupertino, California headquarters he demonstrated a number of programs written by developers who were given advance copies of the SDK.
Despite the underlying OS X operating system powering both the iPhone and iPod Touch, until now Apple has insisted that developers concentrate on web applications, using the built in Safari browser as an interface. Installing software on the devices currently requires a process called Jailbreaking be performed, which takes advantage of a security hole to add a third party application installer which is then used to install additional software. With the availability of the SDK many developers will be able to write iPhone applications.

The SDK includes support for corporate products from and Cisco, and even integration with Microsoft's Exchange Server, which Apple is touting as superior to the way Blackberrys (from competitor Research In Motion) connect.

Although programs written with the SDK will be compatible with the iPod Touch, as well as the iPhone, iPod owners will have to buy an upgrade in order to take advantage of them. No price has been announced for the upgrade.

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3 user comments

17.3.2008 7:26

Well it's about time. I'm hoping that the apps will free and that many of the previous apps from jailbreak will be available.

27.3.2008 11:14

Lol people are still gonna jailbreak at least one or 2 more firmwares because they don't want to pay for the upgrade :P

38.3.2008 6:20

when the hell is apple going to release the iphone in Australia. Kinda getting pissed at apple for the massive delay.

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