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Weekly Glossary and Guide updates: 7 March 2008

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 07 Mar 2008 13:17

Weekly Glossary and Guide updates: 7 March 2008 This week has been a little slow for Glossary updates as I've been concentrating on some MPEG-2 editing guides. However there are two notable additions for the VMD (Versatile Multilayer Disc) format and accompanying HD VMD High Definition standalone player format. Although most experts don't consider HD VMD a threat to Blu-ray for a number of reasons outlined in a recent Afterdawn news article, New Media Enterprises, the company behind VMD, are confident it can be a viable competitor in the home theater market.

Cuttermaran Guides

We also have a pair of new Guides for using the free (and Frame accurate) Cuttermaran MPEG-2 editor. If you have MPEG-2 TV captures, either analog or digital, that you want to remove commercials from without re-encoding you can use Cutterman, in combination with QuEnc, to edit with a minimal amount of encoding at the beginning and end of each cut.

Cuttermaran Installation and Configuration

  • Step-by-step installation and configuration instructions for Cuttermaran, a free MPEG-2 editor. Use Cuttermaran to edit commercials from MPEG-2 TV captures (analog or digital) or editing miniDVD Camcorder files.

Removing Commercials from MPEG-2 captures with Cuttermaran

  • Instructions for editing out commercials using the free Cuttermaran MPEG-2 editor. Combined QuEnc, a free MPEG-2 encoder, Cuttermaran is a frame accurate MPEG editor.

Glossary Updates

  • Versatile Multilayer Disc (VMD) - Versatile Multilayer Disc, or VMD, is an optical disc format dveloped by New Medium Enterprises, Inc. (NME) for use in their HD VMD movie format. HD VMD is intended to be a high definition replacement for DVD, but so far has gained little momentum outside of India, where a market for players and (local) movies has gained some momentum.... (Read More)

  • HD VMD - HD VMD is a High Definition optical disc (movie) format developed by New Medium Enterprises, Inc. While the format offers High-definition content to consumers, the underlying VMD disc technology is not based on blue-laser technology like HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc. Instead, it is a red laser format that offers capacities of up to 20GB and beyond (4 layers for 20GB, a dual layer disc provides a storage capacity of 9GB).

    HD VMD offers full 1080p HD content. One of its main aims is to offer high definition content at prices that are similar to DVD-Video prices.... (Read More)

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