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Philips releases "green" LCD

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 21 Mar 2008 17:59 User comments (3)

Philips releases "green" LCD Philips has introduced a new LCD TV, the Eco FlatTV, that it claims will reduce your current electricity bill, regardless of how much TV you watch.
According to Philips, the Eco FlatTV's backlight can be dimmed to reduce the TVs electricity draw, but more importantly, "without compromising the picture quality." The "sensor monitors the surrounding ambient lighting level and adjusts the brightness of the TV's backlight accordingly," says the company of its new feature, Ambilight.

While in standby mode the TV consumes less than 0.15W of electricity which is indeed under the average for LCD TVs. You could however, save full electricity by turning off the TV but that is neither here nor there. The TV also uses lead-free components and flame-retardant materials which are reportedly friendly on the environment. Even the package the TV is shipped in is made from all recycled materials.

Does the TV stand up to other LCDs on the market though? It seems that way. It sports full 1080p Resolution, Pixel Plus HD image enhancement as well as four HDMI ports and invisible built-in speakers. The company says the TV will cost $2200 USD when it is released in June.

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3 user comments

122.3.2008 1:04

Sounds pretty cool :)

I hope more companies like Sharp and Sony make TVs like this so hopefully with added competition they'll be a little cheaper...

222.3.2008 18:31

I'm pretty impressed, too. Though I tend to steer away from Philips products. I was part of a class action lawsuit against them. I do hope that this starts a trend of more energy-efficient devices by other manufacturers.

323.3.2008 2:16

the 2200 price tag is kinda pointless without knowing the size.

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