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HTC Touch gets rebranded for Verizon

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 31 Mar 2008 14:57 User comments (6)

HTC Touch gets rebranded for Verizon Verizon has announced at CTIA today that it will be releasing a rebranded version of the HTC Touch dubbed the Verizon XV6900.
The exceptional touchscreen device is almost exactly like the the Touch but with a white color scheme instead of the usual black. The XV6900 retains "HTC's custom TouchFlo front-end software, a 2-megapixel camera, and Office Mobile editing." The new device also has faster 3G Internet access.

The company says the phone stays as close to the HTC Touch as possible, aside from a few slight improvements to the Windows Mobile 6 interface. The device will be available in Verizon's online and retail shops by the end of April and will sell for $350 USD with a two-year contract.

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6 user comments

131.3.2008 16:19

They probably maimed the GPS too so it will only work if you pay Verizon for it. At least that's what Sprint did to my PPC-6700, which should work as a GPS device without additional equipment, but it doesn't.

231.3.2008 16:20

some specs would have been nice?

331.3.2008 16:56
43.4.2008 0:09

not worth the $! if you want a damn iphone get an iphone to you can be disappointed when you try to browse eBay with it i looked @ this well the sprint htc touch & it was just a fancy extensions to WM6, i got a centro instead & love the damn thing!

56.4.2008 11:48

uhh, I can get this phone on sprint for $250, how much is the iPhone?? I'd say it is worth it.

610.4.2008 0:50

Yup, they maimed the GPS. Confirmed. It requires an external GPS device if you want to install TomTom or the like. Also, this phone lacks Wi-Fi??? lol! What a piece of crap, and I was so hopeful.

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