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Panasonic to use plasma displays in mobile phones

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 03 Apr 2008 15:55 User comments (7)

Panasonic to use plasma displays in mobile phones Panasonic has announced that it plans to incorporate brand new, miniature plasma displays in cellphones and other small media devices.
The low-voltage plasma technology will be used in phones using AT&T's "Mobile TV" service which will "provide full-length television content and sporting events from major US channels, due to launch in May."

At a press event in the States, Mark Balsama, national marketing manager for Panasonic said: "I have a very exciting announcement to make..."

"For nearly a decade, Panasonic's engineers have been secretly working on a thin, lightweight low-voltage compact Plasma display ... We will be able to incorporate miniature plasma displays into both consumer and business telephone products starting this fall. They will rival OLED displays for brightness, contrast and thinness, and can be manufactured for much less money."

"We'll be able to put plasma in Cell phones, business phones, consumer phones, corded phones, cordless phones, and even door intercom monitors and fax machines. We will revolutionise the consumer electronics business, as Panasonic has done many times before."

Additionally, Robert A. Perry, the new senior VP of Panasonic added: "Our plasma expertise and our large-scale, efficient manufacturing will allow these new small Panasonic plasma screens to replace LCDs in many applications - gasoline pumps, automated teller machines, camera viewfinders, MP3 players, vending machines, automotive displays, digital photo frames, appliance touch screens and even the little pop-up screens on printers".

"In fact, I am pleased to announce that we will be supplying mini plasma screens to HP for an exclusive two-year Period for use in their printers. We view our thin low-voltage PDP technology as a pre-emptive strike against OLED technology."

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7 user comments

13.4.2008 16:10

What a way to get my first plasma display.

23.4.2008 18:36

lmao yeah i know same.


33.4.2008 21:06

Isn't plasma only good for these small scale screens?

43.4.2008 21:10

I think ima gunna throw up.

53.4.2008 23:20

doesn't plasma has some burn features, and also needs be filled up with some gas (Cellphone can last a long time on the hands of some ppl)
.. correct me if i'm wrong thought

64.4.2008 0:37

Hmmmm... lotta guesses at potential problems, based on the past. Burn in, fading, easy breakage. I'll wait a while before I jump on this bandwagon, for or against.

74.4.2008 17:18

Just another April Fool's stunt (that came out 2 days late):

April fool: AbleComm forgets what day it is, retracts Panasonic plasma cellphone release

Alright everyone, let's review: If you're going to put out a joke press release for April Fool's Day, it's important to make sure it's actually April 1st. That's a little lesson the folks at AbleComm apparently didn't get, because the company's April Fools press release about Panasonic putting partially-Ablecomm-sourced plasma screens in cell phones went out yesterday, April 3rd -- and got subsequently picked up by a variety of news outlets, including us. Yep, we got punked, we'll admit it. Unlike us, however, AbleComm hasn't yet had the stones to issue its own retraction, instead ordering PR Newswire to completely pull the release and put out a new, PRNewswire-written three-line retraction elsewhere. Yikes. We'll probably live without plasmas in our cellphones, but but c'mon, people, at least admit it when the joke goes bad.

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