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T-Mobile cuts price of German iPhone in effort to spur sales

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 04 Apr 2008 18:23 User comments (2)

T-Mobile cuts price of German iPhone in effort to spur sales It appears that the Apple iPhone isn't selling as well as hoped in Germany , and in response Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile arm will be dropping the price of the media device 99 Euros for a promotional Period of two months.
The promotional period will begin on April 7th and end on June 30th and is a pretty steep discount from the device's MSRP of 399 Euros. The company does note however that the price drop is only on the 8GB model. There is another catch to the price drop however. "Customers must agree to a monthly calling contract that costs at least 89 euros per month. Those opting for a new "starter" iPhone contract that runs 29 euros per month can purchase the phone for 249 euros during the two month period."

After the price cut, Germany appears to be the first country where the iPhone price has fallen under the Apple suggested price suggesting lackluster sales.

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2 user comments

14.4.2008 19:33

At first I thought this was going to sell like hot cakes. But after reading those service plans you can forget about it. That's just ridiculous!

24.4.2008 20:05

And think about this.

in a country where people would rather use the iphone hack to unlock there phone why would they give you 29.99 a month for service.

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