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Nokia finally opens N-Gage store

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 04 Apr 2008 18:39 User comments (2)

Nokia finally opens N-Gage store After massive delays, Nokia's N-Gage service is finally up and ready for business, letting smartphone users download games.
"We are live! The games, the devices, and the community are all here for you to finally get your teeth into. There will be an official announcement on Monday, but for you, the N-Gage faithful we wanted to let you know we're up and running" read the official N-gage blog.

At launch, only owners of the Nokia N81 8GB, N81 SD, N82, N95, and N95 8GB phones will be able to use N-Gage, but more compatible models are coming, says the company.

Nokia also adds that there is huge interest for gaming on cell phones and interest keeps growing.

"We did a survey in England and 90 percent wanted to play games, but very few had actually bought a game for their phone,"
said Christophe Joyau, responsible for services at Nokia in Scandinavia. Joyau notes that mobile gaming has been a failure so far because "there is nowhere to try games, gaming experiences have been poor, and the games are difficult to use." Nokia hopes N-Gage will solve all these problems.

Despite a failed try at the service back in 2003, Nokia hopes to come back with a vengeance, a hearty lineup of games, and a bigger selection of compatible phones.

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2 user comments

14.4.2008 19:14

This just makes me think of KH: Coded. Will it be able to be played on most mobile phones? I know that here in America the answer is no. And I think that the N-gage service will fail again unless phones that easy to play on are released. Basically, it would have to be a "psp phone". Though the screen doesn't have to be nearly as big.

26.4.2008 17:49

Yay another paper Weight thanx,Nokia

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